Life in lockdown



We are nearing the end of week 5 of the lockdown where I live and life is slowly starting to find a routine.. like this is all normal somehow. Unfortunately because of the lockdown I haven't felt comfortable with heading out and taking photos. Though there are plenty people who have gone out to document the lockdown and how deserted the city looks.

They are of course met online with angry comments about staying inside etc. Well, I'm steering clear of all that. But not just because I agree and think its important we all do our part to beat this virus, but because i am so damn busy!

It figures, while everyone is at home, bored and struggling with the lockdown, I am still working. I am working from home which is nice and I am grateful to still be employed and getting paid. But somehow its made me busier than before. I actually am working longer hours and have less time for anything else than when life was normal. I literally haven't even had the chance to check in with steemit, read posts or catch up with friends on discord.

It must be really tough for the people out there that aren't getting paid anymore. We are fortunate that the government here is doing a lot to help people financially, but of course the longer this goes on, the harder it will be on everyone.

To that degree I can understand why some people in america are protesting the lockdowns, though the conspiracy theories about it being a hoax and just a government attempt at tyranny is ridiculous, and they are prolonging the lockdown by defying it. Normally I wouldn't care about a fringe group like that, but their actions will hurt those around them as well as themselves.

My dad is currently stuck in holland and they are not on lockdown, businesses are open and people are free to walk about and do things. The significant difference between there and where I am though is that the dutch are largely responsible people and are respecting social distancing rules. Where I live people are arrogant enough to think that the social distancing rules apply to everyone else but them. That is why we ended up in lockdown, because people here were too entitled to follow 1. simple. rule. sigh

For those of you wondering what I do that keeps me employed at this time, I work for a University and we are busting our balls trying to make sure the rest of the academic year proceeds as uninterrupted as possible for our students. That has meant moving all the university operations (academic and administrative) to fully online. Since I work in the technology area of the university, it means that for my department this onus of placing everything online and supporting our dusty old academics (who are techno-phobes) has fallen to me. So yeah, busy.

Hopefully now as things are starting to fall back into a more regular routine, I won't be such a ghost on steemit anymore.

How is everyone else coping? Are you on lockdown? Are you defying the lockdown? Or are you still happily free?

Thanks for Looking.
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