Arm yours, your hands will make the world a better place! ~

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If one day you happy to open your mobile phone to start surfing the Web, but found that on the network by malicious abuse and vilification of you, what should I do? Is it a gasp? Is it a silent report?

None of them! Of course, choose to scold back ah! Use their own skilled language art in their own newly bought mechanical keyboard crazy knock, this, who will not hit a word!


The truth does not be absent, but it is often late. When the public opinion crushed the dead, the keyboardman bowed his head to mourn, but the next time things happened, continue to finger endlessly with words to persecute people.

How scary are keyboardists who don't understand the law and love to make up the story?

On May 14, Trump tweeted his support for his "keyboard man": "Thanks to all the great keyboard warriors. You're better and smarter than anyone else on Madison Avenue. No one can match you! "

So, in Trump's Twitter comment area, supporters began to revel. And in the midst of the revelry, some critics pour cold water from time to time. Many of their supporters have used emojis to "show loyalty," almost all of which Trump's mind-dreaming dream has.

Obama, for example, couldn't beat Trump at all, but Trump knocked Obama to the ground with a single punch:


Trump hits out at "fake news" CNN:


Trump is too far removed from reality to know that "keyboard man" is an insulting word.


"Mom! That's a new coronavirus man. "


In the 21st century, the rapid development of science and technology, the network has become the lowest threshold of social platform! In the online world, minors may become perpetrators of cybercrime, and they also risk becoming victims of cybercrime.

Immature minds and less experience, always let some people face the news to produce ideological bias! Just sitting in front of a computer and a cell phone has the idea of having the whole world!

Why do people in everyday life change their faces on the Internet? Fundamentally, it is caused by cost differences, in reality, due to relationships and face, people may not express their true ideas, because the real expression, may pay additional costs, such as group exclusion, causing conflict.


Compared with reality, the network is a low-cost public area. The cost, obstacles, and pressures of online speech are much smaller, and many people can "play" as much as they can. As a result, the Internet is full of all kinds of insults, taunts and slurs. In reality, the cost of speaking is too high, and the network provides a low-cost platform, offline a large number of suppressed expression needs on the Internet will "explode", coupled with the anonymity of the Internet, will produce so many keyboard is produced.

Cyber violence is really killing people!

After this year's COVID-19 outbreak baptism, I gradually made a deep impression on a sentence: in reality I was silent, the network I hit hard.

Well done, keyboardman. Your hands will make the world a better place!?

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