Is it the past or the future?

3개월 전


This year's global epidemic has left some people dead and the dead laid to rest! Left sad sad, and ordered! Let the living live better!


Like the countdown to life, could have gone through life normally! But it was broken by the virus the time funnel! End directly.

Although the U.S. stock index slightly turned green, but buy vaccine stocks and a few net profit fault technology stocks rose well, stop-loss single hanging, The U.S. cheese sleeps. Wake up in the morning, all smashed back, can't believe their eyes, look at the index, it was the first hour before the close, all three indexes dived, down 2.5%. Bamboo basket water, empty happy one. Cut the position, don't make it into a loss.

Rising stock markets are moving away from the economy, the epidemic curve is still unable to weigh, U.S. states are eager to restart the economy, Trump says he is in no hurry to introduce further economic relief, Fed officials say the word is not supporting negative interest rates, the stock market is finally feeling the pace of the heart beat. Whether it's time to buy or sell, investors are starting to tangle.

On Monday, there was a warning that pessimism would soon prevail and would cause the S. and P. 500 to fall by nearly 20 per cent over the next three months. David Kostin, the bank's chief U.S. equity strategist, wrote in a note that fiscal and monetary support measures over the past few weeks have succeeded in averting the financial crisis, but the economy is still a long way off and investors are ahead of the curve.

In fact, Germany, South Korea and Singapore, which have done a better job with prevention and control measures, have recently resumed work, resulting in a severe rebound in the outbreak. WHO has also warned countries in the US and Europe to be cautious about restarting their economies in case the outbreak worsens again.

The day before yesterday, after two consecutive days of new confirmed cases of local lying, Wuhan decided to the city's more than 10 million people, within a 10-day limit period, a comprehensive nucleic acid testing. Including Jilin Hulan City more than a dozen cases of infection, not counting overseas imported cases, all this is reminding us that the outbreak has not left, can not be blindly optimistic.


You can still wait for the sunrise and sunset every day in the future, some people have been sleeping forever! Stay away from viruses, away from war, away from strife!

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