Pride and prejudice?

3개월 전

No lead, no prejudice, with a normal mind.

The outbreak of new coronapneumonia has spread globally, international economic fluctuations continue, affected by the epidemic, the world economic growth, global supply chains and industrial chains, international financial market stability and so on have been seriously affected.

"Hunger, war, plague" is the three major challenges facing mankind since ancient times, so far, man kindness has not been able to solve these problems completely. New Coronary Pneumonia is the largest black swan in 2020 and is a huge challenge for humanity as a whole. China, the first country to be affected by the new coronavirus, has made great efforts and sacrifices to prevent and control the epidemic.
In their own has not yet healed the moment, also do not stingy to pay! After basically controlling the domestic outbreak, we provided assistance to more than 150 countries around the world and actively supported international organizations to safeguard multilateral cooperation.

Don't discuss whether to win gratitude. But the act of providing aid, in the eyes of some politicians, can also be used as a handle and attack!

Remember that in the previous months, some countries were still engaged in banditry because of some protective equipment.

Comparisons between countries are often present, and the main indicators of mutual measurement are war, long-term economic development, the hosting of major sporting events and the capacity to manage (the capacity to respond to natural disasters). This new corona outbreak is a test given by nature, but also a test of the country's ability to govern. From a professional point of view, for the prevention and control of the epidemic, for public health security, the most say is the medical experts and other authorities such as the WHO.

Since the outbreak of the new crown, a series of disputes and contradictions between China and the United States have arisen, and Sino-US relations have declined further.

The impact of the outbreak on a country's international status depends largely on the number of deaths, and how many people get sick is not the most important. The United States has the highest number of deaths in the world, which would be a major blow to the "international model" role of the United States. The fact that the United States has such a strong material base, medical conditions and medical knowledge that it has the highest number of deaths shows that the leadership of this Administration is weak and that it is not capable of using its own material resources and scientific and technological capabilities to prevent mass deaths, which is hurting america's own international standing.

If the U.S. government proves that leadership is weak on epidemic prevention, it means that U.S. leadership in the world will decline further, not as a decline in the perception of others, but objectively, the decline in leadership itself.

The outbreak will change the world forever, and that's a big difference. Kissinger's judgment is that he is comparing the current outbreak to the Second World War, which raises a big problem - that the over-exaggerated effects of the epidemic on the international landscape are interpreted as, or treated as war. The impact of war on the international landscape is indisputable. But this outbreak does not have the power of World War II to change the international landscape.


War has no function of eliminating the epidemic, but the epidemic is more destructive than the war!

Viruses may be removed, but prejudice will live forever!

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