The outbreak has not stopped and global lives are still threatened.

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2020 is an unusual year, this severe outbreak of new coronary pneumonia has affected the normal life of most people around the world, so far, the cumulative number of confirmed cases around the world has exceeded 6.6 million people, nearly 400,000 deaths, in terms of the scope of impact and death, comparable to World War III.


From April 2020, the cumulative number of confirmed cases worldwide has been growing at an average rate of 100,000 per day, and the situation has not improved until June. Recently, several countries around the world have begun to show different degrees of rioting and demonstrations, large-scale crowdgathering has also made the albeit critical international security situation continue to deteriorate.

The spread of the global epidemic has forced the closure of a large number of shops, shut down factories and brought the global economy to a standstill. In the U.S., many companies, including Boeing, are in financial trouble, on the brink of bankruptcy and forced to make large-scale layoffs;


The economic stagnation has led to a sharp increase in unemployment. According to statistics, the United States has more than 40 million unemployed people, India also has more than 100 million people because of the epidemic, according to the International Labour Organization statistics, the world has nearly a quarter of young people lost their jobs due to the outbreak, the economic situation is not optimistic. And in this global epidemic, China's first control of the epidemic, in the choice of economic hard landing, the current living standards of residents are not very optimistic!

However, the outbreak caused by the global industrial chain fracture is only temporary, after this outbreak, the global industrial chain will also usher in a big reshuffle!

The economy promotes life, is also changing life, human beings rely on the economic improvement, but in the context of the epidemic passive life!

Globally, the epidemic is still spreading faster, not under effective control.

As the global epidemic continues to spread, outbreaks in several countries have rebounded: new coronary pneumonia cases in 17 U.S. states have risen again, the District of Columbia is expected to see a new wave of confirmed cases, Iran has added more than 2,000 new crown-confirmed cases in a single day, and the government says it is considering re-tightening controls. At the same time, the outbreak has eased in some countries and restrictions are proposed to be further relaxed: national museums across Spain will reopen on June 9; the Italian Cup semi-finals will reopen on June 12; and students in grades 10 and 12 at English regional secondary schools will return to school from June 15.


New cases of pneumonia in 17 U.S. states have risen as protests over the violent death of African-American men by white police officers continue to escalate.

The impact of the outbreak on the economy has not only a short-term impact, but also a significant number of sequelae that weakens the economy's ability to heal. China's current situation reflects this: it is easy to stop work and it is difficult to resume production. It now appears that the outbreak will continue until at least the end of this year, and does not rule out the risk of further attacks in the coming year. In this case, the global real economy will be in a very depressed state for years to come, with financial turmoil. Moreover, if the economy is out of business for too long, the global industrial chain will break down and it will be difficult to recover in the future, so China is likely to accelerate the pace of decoupling from the world.


The increase in social discrimination under the epidemic has led to social tearing. We have seen many similar types of events since the beginning of the outbreak! This is an undeniable fact!

Finally, I wish you all good health, protect themselves and their families!

Here are the latest guidelines issued by the World Health Organization on Friday for the use of masks to prevent new crowns, with the latest advice on which people should wear masks, when to wear them, and what materials should be used:

In areas where the outbreak is widespread, all personnel working in the health clinical area should wear medical masks, not just those who are in direct contact with new crown patients;
(a) Persons aged 60 and over, or those with other diseases, should wear medical masks in areas where the new corona community has spread;
It is recommended that Governments encourage the public to wear masks in places where the virus is widespread and it is difficult to maintain social distance, such as in public transport, shops and other closed or crowded environments;
It is recommended that the fabric mask should be made of at least three different layers of material, and specify which material to use on each layer;
The guidelines also warn of the possibility of infection if you adjust the mask with an unclean hand or remove it repeatedly and do not wash your hands during the process.

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Do you have the exact numbers for the number of people who died in "World War III"?


no,It's a not-so-comfortable number.