The world is still on the road to change...

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It currently affects 7.7 billion people worldwide, infecting more than 3.6 million people and killing more than 250,000 people. And the upward trend is growing fast.


UTC/GMT-08:00 May 6, 2020

The scale of the new corona outbreak, with the number of casualties, seems like World War III.

When disaster strikes, every country's performance is amazing!

First of all, the public should not wear masks, that the isolation of epidemic prevention hinders human rights, undermine the economic development, so that the current outbreak of a full-scale outbreak.

This was followed by the emergency evacuation from the world and the recruitment of a million reservists to open up a large number of M1 tanks.

Now it's more about being able to resume work and restart the economy, calling on the states to pick up the gun and oppose segregation.


In this situation, where will the global politics, economy and military go?

It's hard to imagine what the numbers behind this means to a country and to the world as a whole?! Will the world order spiral out of control after the outbreak is out of control? So this outbreak will forever change the course of world history and the way of production and life of production in the future, not a hundred years of great change.
The political, economic and social changes caused by the outbreak will affect every country and most people, some countries will be forced to change the development model as a result of the outbreak, the international situation will be more rapid and drastic changes due to the outbreak. The outbreak is like a catalyst that will greatly accelerate the five hundred years of unprecedented change response, an exciting era is coming to us.
Europe and the United States from the basic control of the epidemic is still a long way to go, and Europe except Germany are mainly service-oriented economic structure, service industry in this outbreak was the most affected, so Europe and the United States and other developed countries hurt more than we should, and then let the epidemic control is weak, the economy can not be re-established for a long time, a nearly a century of the largest economic crisis has actually arrived, large-scale unemployment will be derived from a very large number of social problems. Many countries will sink in the economic crisis, and if the United States is slow to contain the outbreak, it will fall into a severe recession.

Before the real effective vaccine and special effects drugs come out, the epidemic will continue to shock in the United States, large bursts of back and forth, especially after the resumption of production, endless, and because of the missed control of the outbreak of all the windows and opportunities, resumption of production can not be smooth, can only be half dead and inactive stumbling, of course, Europe is not good to go, according to the population base is not better than the United States, just early outbreak.
The economic foundation must be linked to national strength, the economy is good or bad in the end is a product match, regardless of the hardware and software in the world is not comparable to the country, there is the strength of unilateral arbitrary sanctions against other countries, indicating that there must be the world's leading technology, the United States every year the world's highest technology investment, the world's top universities and research institutes, most of the core areas of key technologies in their own hands. Technology can not be practical war and monetary means can be easily obtained, in the final analysis is a good academic environment and accumulation of advantages slowly into. There is no shortcut. With the economic and technological support of military strength, the naval and air force strength is to protect the country's global supremacy. It is also the weapon that is most beneficial to the defence of economic interests.

The new crown outbreak has accelerated the pace of the wheel of history and may have changed the direction of history. Hope that anyone can live a safe and healthy life!

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