Time will tell what the answer is!

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"If the new coronary outbreak becomes the new normal, then in many ways Sweden represents a model of the future," Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of the WHO's Health Emergencies Project, said at a press conference on April 29. "

Although the World Health Organization was careful to comment on the Swedish model in just a few minutes at a press conference, it did not recommend that other countries follow Sweden's example. Local Swedish television station TV4 used the headline "WHO says Sweden can serve as a model for the future of other countries" when it reports on WHO's "likes" to its country.


Sweden has been keeping its cities closed from the beginning of the outbreak to the present, without a state of siege, without closing restaurants, shops and bars, without restricting public transport and not closing schools completely.

Augustine Palm, a expatriate who returned to Sweden from the United States, noticed that Swedish life was business as usual and that the virus had never been seen before.

The cafe was crowded and a large number of people gathered in the park for a picnic. He saw more handshakes and hugs in public during the day than he had seen in Two Months in Los Angeles.


On April 29th the Swedish Public Health Agency issued a report saying that the basic infection rate of new coronary pneumonia (R0) in Sweden had fallen below 1 since 21 April.

This means that Sweden's "group immunization" strategy has been an iconic success.

In the four Nordic countries, Denmark, Norway and Finland announced the closure of schools and restaurants, bars and barbershops, only all schools and all shops in Sweden from kindergarten to junior high school remained open.

The only measure in the Nordic countries that has been in place is a ban on large-scale public gatherings, but the definition of "big gathering" is very different. Denmark still bans gatherings of more than 10 people, while Sweden did not impose a ban on large gatherings until March 11, when the number was limited to less than 500 and was not tightened until March 27th.

It can be seen that even in the same northern Europe, Sweden's epidemic prevention measures, is still "appalling". In the face of great pressure of public opinion, there is no extraordinary confidence and force, absolutely can not do.

According to the latest data from the Swedish Public Health Agency, as of 1600 hours on 4 May 2020, Sweden had reported a cumulative total of 22,721 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, 1572 cases of severe pneumonia, 2,769 deaths, a cumulative total of 38,536 close contacts, and 18,969 close contacts still under medical observation.
Even after the outbreak, restaurants and bars are allowed to open in the country, from barber's offices to gyms to cinemas. Crowded meals remain common. Not only does not the city seal, not only kindergartens and primary and secondary schools do not stop classes, Sweden also does not enforce the wearing of masks, asymptomatic and light patients are not tested.

Sweden has the highest new crown mortality rate in northern Europe. This is not yet the detection means to calculate the ranking!

Sweden is very good at packaging and whitewashing. In recent times, many media outlets have reported that Shea Sofia, Princess of Sweden, who took off her high heels and gowns, put on his shoes and dark blue workclothes, went on the "anti-epidemic line". The princess is now a medical assistant at her hospital in Sofia, Sweden, to help health care workers fight the disease.

Beautiful appearance, gorgeous history of counterattack success, elements of Cinderella, dedication to the danger ... After some media constantly rendered and boasted, it really touched a lot of unknown truth audience. Just as Princess Diana was in contact with sick children in absolutely safe conditions, Princess Sofia is no more than a Swedish brand and pr tool. An assistant who is only responsible for cleaning and disinfecting patients and does not care for patients closely, touted as "the most beautiful blue angel" and "our hero", involuntarily producing vomiting.


The new corona virus is the enemy of all mankind, but the Swedish side in a capitulation gesture to the enemy kneeling! Think of third-world countries whose medical conditions are nothing like Sweden's, and who are struggling with the outbreak. Isn't Stockholm ashamed?

After all, there are many uncertainties about group immunity, and a local practice area is needed!

There is no doubt that mass immunity is very cold and inhumane, and it is entirely the survival of the fittest in the law of the jungle, contrary to the most basic norms of civilization.

Everything, time will tell us the answer!

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