We just need to put on a mask!

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In just a few days, the two sides bombed dozens of military targets and hundreds of cities, killing tens of millions of people in the fire.
This terrible scene is just the beginning. The smoke of the lit city billowed through the clouds, the whole earth shrouded in a thick plume of smoke, and the sun's rays could not penetrate. The earth caught a cold snap. Over the next few years, from California to China, all the food crops withered. The world is in the midst of a great famine.
This potentially brutal scenario comes from a new study of the global climate impact of nuclear war. These results are based on long-standing research around "nuclear winters". The so-called "nuclear winter" refers to the possibility of a major global cooling after a large-scale nuclear war. A large-scale nuclear war may be a thousand bombs "you come to me" between the United States and Russia, but a small-scale nuclear war is actually more likely to happen, but it can also be devastating for the world.


The current war on nuclear weapons will undoubtedly have a devastating blow to all humanity. Religious culture, living conditions....
This is a future that no one in the world wants to accept, and now everyone in the world is defending the same goal in order to avoid war and nuclear war. In 2020, a war that affects all of humanity proves human vulnerability in another way!


This global epidemic, can be said to have been the common responsibility of all countries, is no longer a one-man matter, the need for all countries to work together to fight the epidemic. Although China was the first country to be affected by the outbreak, it has brought the domestic outbreak under control with strong government measures and the active cooperation of its citizens. I thought the outbreak would soon pass, but I didn't want the epidemic to rise again in overseas countries. Especially the United States, which is the least concerned about the outbreak, is now the world's worst-affected country, with more than 1.36 million confirmed infections as of 4 p.m. on May 11, and the domestic situation has repeatedly deteriorated.


In fact, it is "very simple" that the war is to win, or to reduce the number of infections, as we can see from the cases of some countries. For example, China began wearing masks across the country during the outbreak, and South Korea, Japan and Europe from the beginning of refusing to wear masks, to accept ingesting masks. The number of daily infections is also decreasing significantly! From here, we have to reflect on the question, why does the United States, with its level of care and supplies, raise the number of infections to the number of people in the world? Because of freedom? Or trust?
The World Health Organization also said it would continue for a long time to come, and although the outbreak in Europe is now stabilizing, the outbreak, including in Africa and the Americas, is still rising, so it is not yet possible to predict the turning point of the global outbreak. And the key to the end of the outbreak is the development of the vaccine, this will take some time! Here, we do not need time, but need to put up the mask, peace of mind at home isolation, do not spread the virus, do not take in the virus!


It's as simple as that! A relaxed move that doesn't affect others and protects itself. Why do you refuse?
At present, the global epidemic prevention work has achieved some success, all over the country is also working hard to resume work, restore the economy! How to do not rebound, do not gather infection, wear a good mask is the first step!

Why is the outbreak of new coronal pneumonia changing the world? This is not only a real problem, but also a theoretical one. In the contemporary theory and historical narrative of international relations, it is rare to sum up from the perspective of the virus epidemic how the plague will change the basic social life of mankind, the competition of power between countries and the distribution of benefits. However, the new corona epidemic has spread to more than 200 countries and regions around the world, regardless of nationality, nationality, sex, color or age, re-writing the narrative of human crisis and disaster, changing our theoretical understanding of world politics and historical experience.
The biggest change will be our habits, and it will be mandatory! We must learn to adapt! Otherwise the virus will find you. Infect you!
I think so! The outbreak of new coronary pneumonia has changed the way I work, the way I travel! Most of the time I'll be at home, using the internet telecommuting, and my kids need the Internet to learn! Some parties between friends have also been cancelled and changed to online parties! The way we meet is also an extra layer of mask! lol


I feel like we've all changed our way of life by time or viruses, we're getting used to new ways of life!

Back to the key issues of the outbreak. It's also something that all history and all people have in common. Why don't you reflect on your faults when you have a problem, but find a reason for someone else? To divert your sight? Wait until the end of things, will understand that it is their own fault! Silence!

My future, my parents' future, my child's future, and the future of everyone around me! We just need to put on a mask!

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