Welcome to a new era

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It's been eleven years since the birth of Bitcoin, the first real blockchain application. The digital currency gives the public the impression that it is also a new thing from the beginning - MLM - questioning - scam - value - rich. Until now, it has been gradually accepted and recognized by the public.

The world can be seen not with the eyes, but by thinking and with the mind.

Sharp way of thinking, is a person's bright eyes.

People always make mistakes, and the first thing that comes to mind after making a mistake is how to make up for it, and some people even think how everything would have been if I had been.

None of this is interesting, the past will never return, the future you can not predict.

Only time is fair, he will give you all you want, and will give you all you don't want.

One can refuse anything, but he can't turn down time.

The minds of a small number of people, like creative scientists, thinkers, and entrepreneurs, can reach the distant future.

Einstein, for example, proposed gravitational waves that were confirmed 100 years later.

All rich, prosperous, innovative countries and regions, there are a number of great scientists, entrepreneurs, thinkers in the eyes of the future, in the free ideological market and commercial market, and through revolutionary technology and business progress, dragging and pulling the remaining 99% of people, and constantly moving towards a better future.

The world is forever changed by the power of thought, technology, and business.

With the future vision rather than the past vision of the future, in order to anticipate the future, in order to have the world and the future, in advance to stand in the future of the intersection, to meet a group of latecomers, such as across the river, such as the waves, whistling.

So, in this time, whether it is up or down is not really a question of possibility or impossibility, but when to rise and where to rise. This, since the first half of this year, the number of infections can be felt. So... Lose your illusions and meet the struggle, we are about to witness the dawn of a new era!

Don't cry for the past, let it pass. Don't fantasize about the future, the future is nothing. Live in the present, live beautifully.

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The future has come