No Paul, It's not Science.

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Let's start this off with some good news:

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On September 14, 2020, Microstrategy completed its acquisition of 16,796 additional bitcoins at an aggregate purchase price of $175 million. To date, we have purchased a total of 38,250 bitcoins at an aggregate purchase price of $425 million, inclusive of fees and expenses.

Microstrategy has essentially doubled down on Bitcoin reserves, increasing its holdings from $250M to $425M. They cost-average bought into the market at $11,111.11 and now own 38k Bitcoin. Impressive.

Sell your kids into slavery, buy some Bitcoin.

Not financial advice.

Soon™, every corporation and country on the planet will compete to own Bitcoin. Things are getting intense. It's the only asset at this point not 100% owned by central bankers. Get in while the gettin is good. They'll all try to make their own currencies and push them onto the communities they control, but in the end they'll hold Bitcoin in reserve knowing that's the smartest play.


India is talking about banning Bitcoin again. In particular, they want to ban exchanges and trading. At this point they are just setting themselves up to be the laughing stock of the entire world. Soon™ banning Bitcoin will be akin to trying to ban the Internet or the Automobile. You can't ban abundance technology; it's simply too valuable and will leave your country in the Dark Ages. I thought India had already figured this out but I guess not. They are constantly flip-flopping.

On to the star of the show:

What about a save Grandma challege?
That fun enough for ya?

So apparently the governor of New York got actor/comedian Paul Rudd to do this pro-mask wearing skit...


He breaks character on purpose and EXCLAIMS:


And then it cuts to:


Interesting claim: Science.

Because am I the only one who remembers when this started when everyone was being told to not hoard masks because they aren't going to help you? Because "it's science". "Science" told two completely contradictory statements within days of one another before there was ever even time to conduct a peer reviewed study.

Very 1984.

Ignorance is strength.

I like Paul Rudd, so he can have a free pass.

All of Hollywood lives in their little elite liberal echo-chamber... can't really blame them for it; that's just how it is.


It's ironic, because there's more psychological micro-terrorism science being employed in the video than actual anti-viral science.

The video is disguised as comedy, but in reality it "forces" people to wear a mask or face the threat of being publicly humiliated and outcast. That's pretty par for the course in Hollywood. It's not what you know, it's who you know.

"Look at all these idiots who refuse to wear a mask."

"They want to kill Grandma."

"It's science! Only an idiot would not believe science!"


That's the problem with science.

It's been bought and paid for. This is especially true in the field of medicine, where a Big Pharma company would never put research into a remedy they couldn't patent (anything plant based).

I haven't checked the numbers in a while, but at one point the average age of COVID deaths was higher than the average age of humans in general. How's that for broken science? Get COVID, live longer. Stupid.

The Hippocratic Oath is hypocritical.

I will do no harm.

Doctors are forced to do harm under the system that we operate. If you live in a system of imperialism and exploitation there's no way to avoid those tenants flooding in to every aspect of life.

Even worse, being a doctor pays very well. How many children get pushed into this profession because mommy and daddy want "the best" for their child? Hm, yes... the best... as in more money compared to other professions. Cool. What a terrible reason to enter the medical field that, once again, can only cause harm to others.

I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant: I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow.

Impossible! Knowledge can not be shared by law. It's called intellectual property for a reason. Again, this is all part of the doctor/insurance/pharma scam. Doctors trust Big Pharma pretty much blindly and then act like they are doing no harm. They are just cogs in the money-making Goliath. It's disgusting.


So, don't wear a mask?

If you check the comments of that Cuomo Tweet there is a lot of pushback, and for good reason. Rather than make a legitimate plea to the people these micro-terrorism tactics are used to instill fear-based results. Yeah, guess what? People don't like that. Even if they don't know why they don't like it their subconscious will tell them to lash out in a variety of strange ways.

I'll tell you anther reason why I hate masks: Most child-molesters love um!

Lol, Okay Grandma.

The words are dumb but the energy is true.

People don't like to be forced to do things under threat. Therefore the establishment employs new tactics like disguising that threat under the guise of comedy. When it really comes down to it the people in charge do not understand how to tap into non fear-based constructive dialog. Fear is all they know; their only tool, and every problem looks like a nail.

Predictive programming?

The only reason to not wear a mask is if you believe it is some kind of subliminal form of consent to slavery. Consent to be ruled; consent for authoritarianism. There are also people out there now claiming that masks themselves are detrimental to health.

To me, both claims seem extremely weak. The establishment doesn't need to butter up the population in advance using predictive programming. Not everything is planned. It's easy to go back in time and find really weird coincidences and then turn them into fake conspiracies.

Have you guys seen this one yet?

Captain America predicted "Corona Virus" in 2011.

Captain America Did Not Predict...

What's even weirder than the coincidence itself are the articles that "debunk" it.

Corona beer has no affiliation with the new coronavirus. According to a May 2020 article in The Economist ( here ), the Mexican brewer Grupo Modelo began producing Corona beer in Mexico City in the 1920s. “Corona” is the Spanish word for “crown,” hence the crown insignia featured on the bottle-cap and label since 1963.

Some social media users have commented that the photo still contains “evidence” of a planned pandemic, claiming that a third billboard in the background shows a mask, another purported omen of COVID-19. The billboard is an advertisement for “The Phantom of the Opera”, the longest-running show in Broadway history

On June 11, 2020, writer and film critic William Mullally began a thread on Twitter ( here ) in which he pointed out that the alleged microbe poster was actually an advertisement for the Italian food company Barilla. The image shows spaghetti arranged to resemble a firework, accompanied by the message “Buone Feste,” or “Happy Holidays” in Italian

Yeah, no shit


Remember that shitty movie Richie Rich? I just did.

Like, are they serious?

Of course the adverts having nothing to do with actual COVID-19. Are they fucking serious? They're serious! Wow... the people debunking this conspiracy theory don't even understand the core concept of predictive-programming. How are you going to debunk a conspiracy theory that you don't even understand? Pretty weird.

Let me give you a lesson, Reuters.

The idea behind predictive programming is simple. The elite plans to do something super fucked up years in advance, and in order to help the population comply more with their super fucked up thing, they start injecting subliminal messages into the media we consume. Anyone who tries to debunk one of these conspiracies has to start with this fact because most people don't even realize what predictive programming is.

With that in mind, was this goal accomplished?

Are more people complying with COVID measures because 9 years ago their brains absorbed some random billboards in the background and that made this current reality more tolerable. Seriously? It sounds fucking stupid when said out loud.

What's more likely? All this COVID-19 nonsense was planned and injected into our subconscious, or eventually someone was going to find a super weird coincidence littered among thousands upon thousands of hours of media after the fact? Make the prediction before the thing happens. Then I'll be impressed.


Here's another fun one!

Why does Tom Hank's kid Chet have Illuminati tattoos and three nondescript viruses? Pretty weird! Again, as someone on the left of the political spectrum I can not subscribe to this Q-Anon nonsense until a lot more evidence is produced. That evidence is never coming, even though it's constantly being promised. I'm waiting. I'll be waiting forever.

Chaos Theory

When it really comes down to it I'm an atheist and a true believer of Chaos Theory. The world is chaos and none of this stuff is being meticulously planned. It happens and then people go back in time trying to make sense of it like it's all part of God's master plan.

I'll tell you what, I believe in a lot of crazy shit, but organized religion isn't one of them. It's already too outdated. It's all make-believe over-simplifications used to explain the unknown. Fortunately, the unknowns of today are a lot different than 2000 years ago. Progress is being made, light is being shined on darkness, and myth will have to adapt accordingly. Perhaps one day I'll tell you all about the cult I want to build.


If anything, predictive programming is a farce and all this planning out in the open is simply a way for the Illuminati to recruit believers into the ranks. If you have a secret society, wouldn't it be nice to have some evidence you control everything? It's not about brainwashing the public into being okay with it; it's about having evidence to flex the absolute power of your organization to those who have little reason to trust you (new recruits).

Again, I'm not even on board with the whole Illuminati Globalist conspiracy theory stuff. I just think it's a more logically viable conspiracy than predictive programming.


What was this post supposed to be about again? Oh right... the science behind wearing a mask. Well, there is none, and there's no reason to accept this 6-feet rule either. It's all junk science and it's very hard to tell why it's being pushed on us so violently, even though there are many many 'theories' on the subject.

I wear a mask every day at work. If I didn't I'd get kicked out of the building. So far I'm fine with that, although the new cameras that paint a green circle around my image are getting out of control. Getting IR scanned to enter the building is pretty lame as well. Where does it end?

After COVID is gone, should we keep wearing a mask every flu season because the flu kills Grandma just as easily? Tough sell I think. Did someone forget to tell Paul Rudd that hundreds of thousands of people die every day no matter what?

Life: Working as intended™

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Wow, there's a lot to unpack with this post so I'll just say... great post, lots to agree with on here! :)

psychological micro-terrorism science

You had me with this statement, then you lost me, then you had me again, then you lost me again, then I had a good laugh at

What was this post supposed to be about again?

But I'm stealing that meme about science then and science now.

It's interesting that a comic did this work for Cuomo, because comedy has been altogether banned in NYS establishments that serve liquor. Maybe Rudd just needed the money.


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