Gig workers lose out in covid relief bill.

9개월 전


For those who don’t know about the tax increase:

Let this sink in: The first tax increase that our Democratic trifecta passed is one that almost exclusively affects the lower class. It seems no coincidence that a tax raise on the working class was snuck into a stimulus package so it wouldn’t get as much coverage, something their die hards at the New York Times and Washington Post haven’t bothered to do a single focused story on.

When Biden signs this into law, he will have broken his promise to only raise taxes on those making above $400k. That makes yet another campaign promise broken within his first 90 days, so all of us who were skeptical of such promise are 100% validated. You cannot possibly keep going forward these next four years responding to concerns of tax raises on the lower and middle classes with, “He said he’d only tax those above $400k!”

The idea that the party that was funded by Wall Street more than Republicans is “for the people” is laughable and outright mockable. Harsh words for a harsh reality too many were suckered into denying.

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