Wear a mask .. even if the only benefit is opening up society!

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I will be the first to admit, I am not a fan of the prolonged and harsh shutdown. There is evidence that it is perhaps causing more harm than good, especially as it is abundantly clear that the "curve has been flattened." But at the same time, on the other extreme, what is up with the people who do not want to wear masks?

Inconvenience is better than risking yourself or others.

I completely get that they are inconvenient, uncomfortable, and there are very low chances even without one, that you are going to pass anything to someone on a given day. But since if we unknowingly pass this virus on to thee wrong person, they can become seriously ill or die, why not do it?

Most people who fall under the category of no mask wearing, are also the same people who want the society to open back to normal. I sympathise with these people and think we should also open up our society - albeit cautiously. However, it is difficult to enter this next phase if there are a stubborn demographic of people who are ruthlessly irresponsible. The "no one can tell me what to do" attitude in defence of now wearing a mask is putting the health of others at risk.

If you want to see society open up, then wear a mask!

And.. it's not like I'm advocating this message because I personally enjoy wearing masks. I don't. I too feel as though I have less ability to breathe, and for longer periods of wearing masks, I feel light headed. Never the less, I strive to wear one because I want to protect others. Infact, it's more likely that I will protect others from me potentially infecting them, then it is to protect me from being infected. Granted I am not in the high risk category.

For more intense activity, like cycling my bike or going out on runs, I don't wear one because it inhibits my breathing too much. Otherwise, wearing a mask is my way of showing that this is one of the ways we can feasibly open society back up.

When should I wear one?

  • If you want to go to an indoor event - wear a mask.

  • If you want to get back to your job - wear a mask.

  • If you want to go shopping - wear a mask.

  • If you want to get your hair cut - wear a mask.

  • If you want to rob a bank - wear a ... wait. That might be going a bit too far.

If there really is any valid reason for people not wearing a mask other than not wanting to be told what to do, I would be happy to know what that is.

I will admit, I have been slow every step of the way, and I was not on board with it. But the more I learn, the more I realise that for a very small price, we can have some semblance of freedom. And that's always better than being locked at home.

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