Were YOU Frauded by the SCAM phrase "The Coronavirus" or "Coronavirus?" It's the Common Cold!

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The corrupt leftist conartist fraudnews #media is engaging in a mass manipulation brainwashing campaign lying through their faces calling SARS-COV2 and related #covid19 as "the #coronavirus" or "#Coronavirus." Did it fool you?

The common cold is a Coronavirus and if you have it you will show positive on a PCR test but for COVID19 which you do not have.

COVID19 is NOT "coronavirus" or "the Coronavirus". The scientific fact is that there are hundreds of different coronaviruses and there is nothing new about coronavirus in fact the common cold is a Coronavirus.

When you have a common cold and then you get a PCR test for covid-19 you will "test positive for covid-19" however you do not have covid-19. But then the hospitals, the doctors, the health administrators are lying that you have covid-19. Then they count you as a covid19 case even though you only have the common cold. You have A coronavirus but you do not have SARS-COV2 nor do you have COVID19.

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These same Fraudsters, Criminals, are also then assigning up to 15-20 more "cases" automatically to your region & friends & family who you are in contact with assuming then you have also infected them with COVID19 but you never had covid19 you had the common cold, & they didn't even get infected with anything & never had a test.

The media and Democrats are lying that you have covid-19 but you don't you just have the common cold. There are even these fraudulent so-called fact Checker organizations then lying through their faces with fake news fraud news articles claiming "the coronavirus is not the common cold" however that's a blatant lie. Not only is the common cold a coronavirus but when you have the common cold you will test positive on a PCR test and they're not telling anyone that so they're deliberately lying through their face it's all a massive fraud game that they're playing on everybody to scam money, power, and politics.

They know it's fraud. They know what they're doing and it's not confusing, it's not that they're stupid, it's not that they don't understand what's going on, they're doing it on purpose and they're deliberately frauding you and everybody knows it. Just some of the working class are ignorant and some politically turn the blinders on to support their "political sports team." Everyone has gotten washed along in this fraud and those who don't know much about healthcare or science are being effectively lied to endlessly & even I have had to be careful not to slip and say "corona" or "coronavirus" This was all planned in advance psychologically to defraud everyone of course.

Big Pharma is doing it to lie and get their forced injections pushed and sold, hospitals and drug companies who make the tests and get paid by the tests are doing it to make billions of dollars selling their tests. Corrupt hospitals and hospital administrators in hospital companies are getting billions of dollars in government taxpayer-paid handouts by doing this also.

All the leftist politicians are using this data fraud to try to disrupt the economy & make people upset with the economic condition and then get them to want to change and vote for somebody else, for them. They are of course also using it also to slander Trump predominantly to get him out of office so they can get the power, control, and money.

These same political fraudsters were endlessly talking about shutting down the economy way before anyone heard of COVID19 & they wanted to do it to usher in communism in the UN NWO & shut down the economy for "Climate Change" Which is the same kind of word phrase fraud which really means political change and has nothing to do with the environment nor actual weather climate.

Scientifically this rewriting scam of basketing all coronaviruses including common cold and even the flu into the label "The Coronavirus" is one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated on Humanity, and everyone knows it once presented with this information. Anybody who would dare claim otherwise is very clearly a completely fraudulent person and everybody knows that too.

Then what they are doing is testing with a PCR test which picks up every Coronavirus all over 400 of these different coronaviruses and all of their various hundreds of different strains and calling that all "The Coronavirus" to get away with frauding you & lumping it all together basketing it all together fraudulently and deceptively this scam against you and using it in total political manipulation.

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This is one of the biggest media & corporate frauds in human history & they are literally stealing Trillions of dollars. Over 6.5 Trillion dollars has been stolen by the Elites, Big corporations & Drug & Healthcare companies just in the USA alone due to this massive wide sweeping fraud and this of course is only part of it. This is of course why people like Jeff bezos and others their wealth has absolutely skyrocketed in the last 4 months beyond any other time in history as people are driven home to shop on amazon.

Consider these payout conflict of interest facts:

  • Hospitals get more money from the CDC via each "case"
  • Hospitals get more money by each test they do
  • Testing companies get paid every time they sell a test, and give kickbacks to the hospitals and doctors each time a test is sold
  • Hospitals get $13,000 each time someone is admitted to ICU for COVID19
  • Hospitals get $39,000 each time someone is intubated for COVID19 (this has led to the many accusations of people killed by hospitals intubating people who did not need to be, to cash in on the massive payout of $52,000 a pop per COVID19 death
  • Hospitals get more money for each COVID19 death

Were you frauded successfully by all of these fraudnews Liars lying to you and using the phrase "the #Coronavirus?" Did you fall for it and forget that the common cold is a Coronavirus? Do you know people who have been successfully frauded and actually think that the Coronavirus is #SARSCOV2? Were you frauded to think that SARSCOV2 is the only thing that comes up on a PCR test?

Did you know that a #PCR test will pick up every coronavirus all 400-plus of them including the common cold? Did you know that a PCR test will pick up the flu? Did you know that a PCR test will pick up #cancer? Did you know that a PCR test will pick up lung cancer? Did you know that a PCR test will pick up exosomes secreted from your cells due to you receiving chemotherapy? Did you know that your cells secrete natural exosomes that will be picked up on a PCR test?

Did you know that all of these old people of course everyone knows that it's all old people "dying of Coronavirus" (the fraud term) a lot of them have cancer approximately 33% of them and many of them have chemotherapy and the chemotherapy destroys your DNA it causes cancer in your cells and causes your cells to excrete exosomes and these will be picked up on a PCR test.

And then they lie did they have covid-19 because you have exosomes from having chemotherapy. Did you know that? Answer these questions below in the comments and tell us about the people that yoo know who have been successfully frauded & brainwashed by the criminal fraudnews media and the lying LeftTerrorists.

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  • A PCR test can not and does not isolate COVID19 from SARS-COV2
  • A PCR test was not designed to isolate COVID19 from other coronaviruses and can not
  • PCR tests are found to have 80% false positives
  • COVID19 Cases are determined based on MODELS in your community, NOT actually by your own test results
  • Many people have been diagnosed as having COVID19 when they never had a test at all
  • They auto-assign extra "Cases" of COVID19 & report it fraudulently in the news due to an assumption that you may or may not have COVID19 and you may have possibly infected others.
    This is fraud plain and simple, criminal illegal fraud.
  • Antibody tests have false positive rates of 80%

Tell us in the comments below if you have had friends or family successfully frauded by the DeepState Conartist's mass media Fraudnews propaganda brainwashing fraud programs & how this has caused you loss.

Were you frauded by the fraudnews media?
“the coronavirus” “coronavirus” is not a thing, they basketed all 400+ coronavirus strains, flus, common cold, natural exosomes, & other exosomes all into the name “the coronavirus, lied to you it means covid19, & suckered you to steal trillions of dollars from you, and left you with the tab.

Out of all the 400+ coronaviruses that are being picked up in a PCR test & LIED "cases" maybe only 0.00001% of these cases are actually a SARS-COV2. They have NEVER told anyone this. They know it & are lying to you. But Doctors are speaking out.

Will you ever forgive them?
Will you vote out the radical Criminal left?
Will you call for Prison sentences for these criminal leftist fraudsters? You sure should.

Never trust again the Lying Leftist Corrupt Fraudnews Media, Be the media instead.
#DefundLeftistMedia #DefundTheLeft #ARRESTFAUCI #DefundWHO #ARRESTCDC #ARRESTBIRX


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