Why Covid doesn't add up.


Everywhere one turns, the media Is heavily involving themselves in spreading corona propaganda.

We are acting as if an influenza is an epidemic..

But who knows if people are really dying from Covid...or being dragged off to a fema camp by the "authority's"

Could medical professionals be claiming every biological disease caused death as a Covid death?

Could they be doing this to lie about the numbers?

And why haven't I seen one person sick ?

It doesn't seem to add up.

Could this be an excuse to lock the world down and remove human rights, freedoms and nessesary societal services in an attempt to initiate martial law and a new world order?

We have been told that vaccines cause serious repercussions.

Bill Gates is known to have spread vaccines that cause autism etc.

Besides, don't vaccines CARRY to the disease itself to strengthen the immune system?

If this is so, getting vaccinated is willingly being annoculated with the same disease you got the vaccine to prevent...

Insane times we are living in.



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