End the suicidal lockdowns! It is time again to gather, herd, unmask, work, play, touch, and socialize!

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According to government experts, the lockdown strangling Canada's economy - and people - must be tightened as we enter into a third wave. No gathering, no socializing, no non-essential work - Canadians are being told to avoid all activities and remain alone for the next several weeks, as frightening variants supposedly ravage the land. The vaccine rollout is finally getting underway this week, with more doses arriving next month. But even the inflated death numbers have already dropped to nearly zero, making it harder and harder to justify the continuous lockdown.

Where is the third wave?

Where are the deaths? Currently, this "pandemic" is killing less people than bowling accidents!

Data shows mental health crises and suicides have suddenly spiked in the past year. That's a lot of people who are killing themselves because of lockdowns. Their blood is on the hands of the government and media "experts" keeping this going!

"This is a time where we need to take those little sacrifices — all of us," said Bonnie Henry, one of B.C.'s most hated people of all time.

"Take sacrifices"? Surely she meant to say "make". Little grammar and syntax errors like that are inserted into official announcements to draw attention away from the level of corruption, fraud, and outright lies. But the message is clear: "You will stay locked down until we allow you to move."

It has now been 2 weeks AND ONE YEAR of lockdown, to "flatten the curve" and "avoid collapsing the health care system". Now they say we have to isolate until we reach herd immunity - that doesn't even make sense! Can we have our markets, rights, and society back? If not, we must take them back by force.

Rolling out the vaccines

After months of delays, with new variants rendering previous formulations irrelevant, the vaccine rollout is finally getting underway in Canada. Currently almost nobody has been fully vaccinated, but as you can see by the death figures above, the "pandemic" is over before it even started.

And yet, enforcement of lockdowns is increasing. Mask exemptions are being removed. Censorship is rampant. Rhetoric against unmasked and unvaccinated people is common. Businesses are being shut, many forever. The economy, as well as the cohesiveness of society, is collapsing. It appears this is an intended outcome, and not a side effect!

Deaths peaked around Christmas - I even spotted it at the time and reported on it. What caused the dropoff? Clearly it wasn't the vaccine, because early rollout was botched, and the product was recalled. Almost no jabs were given in February or March, as the media stalled the public. Now we're being told the new formula is ready, and shipping. (But has it even undergone the brief human trials the first one did?)

Another issue: How can the vaccines end the "pandemic" anyway, if they don't stop transmission of the virus? They're just symptom blockers at best, according to the companies making the products. That leads me to ask what is the point?

But if the vaccines aren't going to stop the virus (and the state is preventing herd immunity with lockdown), why the colossal push to get them into people?

Some are worried the vaccines will kill almost everyone who takes them. I think it's more likely they will only kill an amount that can be explained away and justified by government and media "experts". Just like past vaccines, they'll kill some, wound others, and be ineffective for the remainder.

The real threat is the covid vaccine "passport". Everything else is about getting us onto the vaccine passports.

"If you are thinking of going out for a birthday celebration or someone invites you to a wedding celebration somewhere — do not go right now." - source

These people have either lied or been wrong about EVERYTHING they have said, for the past 54 weeks. They have worse than zero credibility. There's no way I'm going to start believing them at this point, so when they say we should avoid gathering, I believe the correct course of action is to gather. Have that birthday party. Attend that wedding or funeral.

It's time to reopen, time to end the nonstop fear, time to cast aside the liars and frauds. It's time to live again!


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Couldn't agree more. Ive never supported this particular way of dealing with a virus