Help Your Fellow Extroverts!



I know it’s a trying time for all of us, but especially for our extroverted friends. You know those people who along with school and work, socialise every second of every day. From work to the gym with a friend, then to having coffee with another friend, later hanging out at someones place or people coming over to theirs to spend the evening. They are never still and never alone, there is always someone entertaining them, or they are the ones entertaining their audience.

For me, an introvert, that all sounds like a nightmare and terribly exhausting, but some people seem to live for it. And those people are going balls off the wall crazy right now because they are told to avoid any unnecessary human contact, and if presented with any flu symptoms, to self quarantine completely for at least a week. For an introvert, none of that is really a problem.

Extroverts often ask me what do I do at home when I spend so much time in there alone. I don’t think entertaining yourself at home requires much imagination but as it is something people keep asking me...

Here is a list of things you can do at home, alone:

Eat, sleep.

Read a book, binge watch movies and series, listen to audiobooks, podcasts and music.

Do a 10 000 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Play video games.

Call your loved ones(not me), text people, FaceTime them (hell no), chat online.

Work out at home. News flash, it’s very much possible to work out without any gym gear. Listen to music and dance.

Cook and bake. Try out a recipe that takes a long time to make. If you don’t know how, now it’s the perfect time to learn. Youtube can teach you basically anything. Maybe not brain surgery but I’m not ruling that out either.

Learn something. For my interests, this is learning more about photography and post processing. I also like to read about history of photography/photographers, and also lots of technical stuff about camera gear.

Take a nap.

Have coffee, birdwatch.

Girly shit: extensive face care routine, hair masks, painting nails, try on a new makeup look and hairstyle. Wash you makeup brushes (I know it’s been a while since you last did that). Try on every single piece of clothing you own. Be a hoe on the internet with your new look and sexy selfies.

Watch porn, wank.

Clean. Wash windows, clean the toilet, change sheets. Hand wash delicates and wool clothing. Sort out that dark cabinet full of random stuff. Sort out stuff to be donated/sold later. Clean all your shoes.

Take care of your plants.

Shop online.

Depending on your line of work/education, you can do something from home, or prepare for when you can get back to it.

Clean out your email inbox, answer all your DM's.

Write, paint, draw, do handcrafts.

Kalsarikännit. You can google that one if you are not Finnish, and thank me later.

If you are an extrovert and suffering inside four walls, don’t be afraid to contact me. I’ll help ya out.

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I just need to get my workout back on track and things will start getting better.
But damn, this thing has really paralyzed the globe. I'm just here hoping this would end as soon as possible. ;/

Lol I've basically been preparing for this crisis all my life! I swear we could make a covid-19 survival course.


Haha SAME! No problems here, kinda enjoy it to be honest.


It's still pretty normal this side but I don't mind being ahead of the curve. Is it already lockdown in Finland?


No lockdown yet, but schools are starting to close. I think most universities and upper secondary schools are closed now, and a lot of events have been cancelled. How is it there?


hmm, well I did read 30% of fins are in that 60+ age bracket where it gets pretty dangerous! It really feels like a world war z, I am legend vibe at from what I see from peoples posts across Europe

We've got 51 cases, most of them are either in self-quarantine while the rest are kept in a game reserve under army protection. The president is going to speak in a few hours to let us know what's up, so waiting on that bullshit. He did the same thing when our national power supplier shit the bed and we still have 6 hours of blackouts a day so not holding my breath.

Share art. I don’t think you missed it, and my extraversion and I would like to thank you for the list of ideas. I am beginning to despair that all the planning I’ve done to date is about to go out the window. Thanks to that, however, I’ve taken up some new practice so I look forward to when I can share that.


Share art, post on Steem :P None of this is a waste of time, you can just concentrate on working on your craft behind closed doors and emerge as an even better artist :)

Kalsarikännit? :D


Urge you to try it :) Unless you are an alcoholic, then maybe not.


It's Finglish. I'm kalsarikänning it right now! 😁

Yeah, I'm another introvert that has been prepared all my life for this too.
No COVID real cases anywhere close by, but going under a preventative lockdown where I live.
Now, the annoying part is the extrovert neighbours staying at home all day
They are getting together despite the warnings, listening high volume trashy music and screaming a lot all the time. I'm kinda thinking they could go back to work/school/whatever to get some peace back into my world!

Call your loved ones (not me) 😂


Just making sure anyone with my number doesn’t get a stupid idea and CALL me 😝😅


Well maybe when they see your picture they will think otherwise 😜

Stunning image and great suggestions. As an introvert of sorts myself I should be able to sail through but having a 4 year old is going to make it a challenge. The wanking one never accord to me but now the rush to get all that toilet paper makes sense.


Now my favourite new word. Too bad I work from home... :D

For the non native tongue, how would one pronounce this word?


Even better! You can do kalsarikännit and work at the same time 😝

Welcome to Finnish 101, everything is pronounced like it’s written :):) remember to sound really monotone and there ya go.


Easy enough to do! (The monotone!)

It will be a difficult adaptation for the rest of the people that I work with, as they don't traditionally work from home.

It will get better before it gets worse.

At the end of the day, Natural Selection will do what Natural Selection will do.

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