Dogs may be able to identify the silent carriers of the coronavirus.

2개월 전

One of the biggest human problems right now is identifying carriers of the #coronavirus. The virus may not cause symptoms in many people and make a person a hidden carrier.
That's why it's hard to end quarantine and return to normal life. But British researchers believe that dogs can detect these people with the help of their sense of smell.


Researchers believe that every virus in a human body has a specific odor, which is why dogs can recognize carriers by getting acquainted with the odor.

Researchers at the London School of Health and Medicine (LSHTM) plan to launch a project that could identify dogs that appear to be healthy but carriers of the #coronavirus through dog training.

If the research is fruitful, the British government will use dogs in public from the beginning of the summer.

However, if this method works, it can be assumed that dogs will be used in hospitals, airports and many other places so that people with completely normal and healthy conditions can quickly identify the carrier and prevent the spread of this dangerous virus.

As a result, these animals seem to have once again proved their loyalty to humans :)
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