Don't let the Corona Pandemic Get You Down, Seize Control of the Narrative



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The Corona Pandemic is the time for people to take back control. Stand up, Rise to the Occasion, No Fear! People will remember all of our actions during the pandemic for years to come. Family members, co-workers, strangers. It's a time where you can make the world a better place and your actions will define you for decades to come.

I'm tired of the Corona Pandemic. We can't continue to be afraid. Sooner or later you have to say Fxck it! Go out into the world and sanitize the fxck out of your hands all day, and be grateful for the positives, and be strong if your in a bad spot, and do your best to stay healthy. If you are doing your best it's all you can do! One thing I know is even shitty moments don't last forever, and this too will pass.

One positive to this Corona Pandemic has proved how useful Alternative Media, bloggers, and social media has become. Even under a quarantine we have never had better resources for staying in touch, and up to the minute real news from neighbors, alternative journalist, friends, we have never been better informed.

Now is also a great time to Take Back the Narrative on every subject, and every genre. We have a chance to record real history during the Pandemic. Years in the future when people research the Corona Virus Pandemic let it be the real version of everyday reality as it occured during the pandemic, and not some dry bullshit in a history book but actual real accounts recorded on the blockchain. Your Blog Post may be valuable research 50 years from now.




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