F×ck Covid-19 Get Punk as Fuck! Patriot Uprising!



It's time to rise up and kick it Old School! The Power and Energy of Punk Rock is fighting a system or group at all costs. The absolute Fucking Glory of going into a fight fearless, knowing that you will die or get destroyed in the process , and in this very moment time literally stands still, the sky opens up and Generations of our Fore Fathers who have died and spilt blood in defending their people from Tyranny appear, and in the greatest act of tribute a final salute from above acknowledging that you gave it all and took a most righteous stand.

Are we to starve like dogs and live in fear from a wholly orchestrated Plandemic where the only cure is too turn our homes into a Techno Concentration Camp while the establishment creates the second historic act of Financial Genocide this century! all but destroying our ability to care for our families!


I have had enough!!!
It's time to get Punk as Fuck, Rise Up and Take a stand! Fxck Covid-19!

Patriot Uprising!!!

Rise Against - Black Masks & Gasoline

Rise Against - Anywhere but here

The Lawrence Arms

Strung Out - Daggers

Touch Amore - Just Exist

This is a Patriot Uprising Production
By: Nate Powers


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