ER Doctor: End COVID-19 Lockdowns NOW. Policies Are For Political Control of YOU & Not Based on Sound Science. Dr. Fauci is Out of Touch.



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Dr. Dan Erickson of Bakersfield, California has made very clear that from his clinic's perspective, there is no reason to continue the COVID19 lockdown. He openly states that Dr. Fauci, who is leading policy making in the US, is out of touch and is not basing his decisions on valid science. He infers that Fauci is at best 'ideologically driven' (or at worst is corrupt and exploiting the situation for his own gain).

Specific points raised:

  • The answer as to whether or not we need to continue to stay at home and keep businesses closed is an emphatic "NO".
  • Covid-19 is in fact no more dangerous than seasonal flu.
  • Quarantining is a health hazard in and of itself.
  • ER doctors are being pressured to add Covid-19 to death reports.
  • Not about science. Not about Covid-19. When they use the word "safe" - that's about controlling you.

These Doctors are certainly not alone in these thoughts and as I have shared several times already, there is a MOUNTAIN of evidence that the policy makers are exerting an extremely corrupting influence over the situation for reasons which most would not support and may even be horrified at if they knew the full details.

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Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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