Black and white bracelet set with thoughts on upcycling and organizing creative chaos!

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These beautiful roll on bracelets were made earlier this year...and since they are still among my all time favorite pieces of jewellery to wear...I wanted to share them as an introduction to more upcoming content where ill be making other lovely and similar bead and jewellery projects.

There will be no set timeline for the 'bead and jewellery projects' series...each part will be released whenever inspiration strikes! I have been gathering up various materials for about six months there will be plenty already on hand to work with all winter. Looking forward to having some fresh new pieces for my personal collection and make a few to sell as well. In addition to jewellery...some home decor items are on the horizon too.

I would sometimes rather wear and surround myself with completely pure stones and other natural materials. However...being often on the hunt for neglected things to rescue...puts me at odds with this. I do not always get to indulge in that preference! As an avid diyer and upcycler...I strongly believe that anything can be made into something beautiful as long as there is that initial glimmer of promise. Almost any recycled material...even plastic is worthy of being reinvented and made into something better than before so that it can be loved again. Second chances are the best!

It can be very rewarding to take apart broken...outdated or otherwise poorly constructed jewellery and refashioning the pieces into something far more functional and attractive. The 'hematite and onyx' necklaces pictured here look and feel like the real thing but have not been tested for purity. They still hold sentimental I really don't mind what their actual composition happens to be. I just wanted to enjoy wearing them again! And I definitely have been making the most of them all these months. Much nicer outcome than sitting tangled up in a box for years on They were created with extra glass beads to add some sparkle and weight and this also resulted in therapeutic and stress relieving benefits. There could maybe be some science behind this...or perhaps it is just me but having weighted wrists actually has a real calming effect on my anxiety!

Another strange outcome to wearing these they seem to attract people like magnets. It could be how much the white beads glitter when they catch the light...or it could be some natural component of the black beads. I just know that I cannot wear them going out anymore without also being in the mood to socialize. They somehow always end up being conversation starters with friendly strangers and more than once the beads have been stroked...which is a little bit creepy but I am not here to

In what could end up being the attempt to begin organizing all of the handmade projects that will become blog posts this winter...I came up with some categories.

Bead & Jewellery Projects
Sewing & Embroidery Projects
Knitting & Crochet Projects
Paper & Painting Projects

What do you think? Starting with the next project post...should I start using these categories to make some sense out of what will likely become total creative madness...or just go ahead with posting everything all totally random? Having a twenty part 'bead and jewellery projects' series could be useful for new readers who might only be interested in beadwork...or it could also end up looking very complicated and confusing! I will have to think some more on this one.

You can support upcoming projects with a direct donation. This will give me the freedom to spend more time making even more detailed creative content to share!

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Love hematite, it's pretty much the only thing I can wear for an extended period without it breaking xD

If it's not some magical property it could just be that they're pretty and sparkly and not something you can just walk into a shop and buy so people are probably initially just wanting to comment on how pretty it is and BANG conversation XD

The weirdest thing can be conversation starters though. My mum bought me a shirt with some Mozart (I think) score printed on it. I got stopped by so many random people wanting to know if I was a musician because they were and recognised it, or simply commenting that that particular piece was really difficult to play XD I should actually listen to the song in question as I do probably know it but otherwise to date I don't recognise the name of it and just like the pattern of the music notes XD


Hematite is amazing...and the real thing really makes a difference! Much like the beads on these bracelets though...happy to wear the fake composites for appearances alone too. Everything looks striking matched with black. Since some of these stones are very magnetized...I am not sure how much hematite they really contain. Reddish dust would tell the whole story. The smaller bicone beads are real onyx though and some have tiny chips. The bracelets are rather heavy all considered and clink together which is strangely pleasing. Maybe the magnetic quality contributes to why they make me feel better?

I keep finding hematite necklaces at the thrift store which are on metal wire and I cannot for the life of me... figure out why. Using wire in place of string must be the most uncomfortable thing imaginable and it refuses to sit right. And these pieces always pinch! At least finding these remains a cheap way to scavenge for 'new'

I am very curious what song is on your shirt! True the oddest things can trigger conversations. This also happens with a pair of halloween kitty mittens. Music notes have that visual component to being very aesthetically pleasing and the song itself is no doubt beautiful too. I guess...something like wearing band shirts. You can just like the shirt itself and the fans come out and think you are a crazy fan too... :D

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Eine Klein Nachtmusik. Looked it up just for you XD

Actually I had to look it up for me too as I knew I would know the song when I finaly got around to it (after giving up trying to remember how to read treble clef XD).


Thank you! Oh...I love this one! <3

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