Thanos #2

3년 전

Thanos Vol. 01 - Thanos Returns-028.jpg


Nebula joins Thane and his team in their cause. While this happens, Thanos has the much needed heart-to-heart with his father.


As I mentioned in the review of the first issue (link will be posted under the Conclusion) Lemire sure knows how to work with the characters. His take on Thanos is impressive. Basically you have an all-powerful being going on a big search throughout the universe combined with him casually murdering entire alien races (with lot's a dark humor included).

Thanos Vol. 01 - Thanos Returns-031.jpg

Thanos Vol. 01 - Thanos Returns-032.jpg


A solid entry in the series. Great use of the characters and the stakes are getting higher.

click here for the my opinion on the first issue:

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