📣Contest.The best title of the pic. 10+10 sbd -Step 2. 💃🕺Choose the winner 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️

3년 전

Hi guys!

So, 24 hours passed and we finished searching for authors to create a better title for my new pic! For those who joined us only I will explain that it is a contest for the Best title for the image, where the winner will be rewarded with 10 sbd. The jury of the competition is the contestants themselves. They will choose the best title and will try their luck in the stimulating lottery. The most lucky member of the jury will receive 10 sbd You can see details here.

All the authors of the titles become the jury of our contest.

We have the next 24 hours to find the best title! I ask all participants to choose the best title, excluding their own. The voices of those who do not take part in the competition are not counted. However, with an equal number of votes, that is, if the competition's favorites are two or three, we can take into account the opinion of the audience. Therefore, we will be grateful to everyone for their feedback.

10 sbd rewards for members of the jury.

Each member of the jury will receive his number and he will not match his author number, because not all authors will want to become members of the jury.
To select the winner in the lottery for the jury, I will use the random number generator on the site https://www.random.org

⚠️ I received an offer to change the terms of the lottery for the jury from our friend @spiritualpower. I'll just quote his message:

"I have a suggestion for your contest . This voting system is not good . Choose the winner by lottery system . Plz choose 5 winner by lottery system . Give 5 sbd to 1 st number winner , 4 sbd to 2nd , 3 sbd to 3rd, 2sbd to 4th, 1 sbd to 5th and also give some part of sbd to all participants"

This competition is my gift for my friends and the model of the decentralized world that we all dream about. It is important for me to maintain the decentralization of our small community. Therefore, I do not want to make a decision on my own. What do you think about the terms of the lottery? Inform your comments and I will do as most of you want.

Here is a list of all authors and of titles!

  1. @jdbs "I saved myself from working"

  2. @anikearn "I wanted to go to a place where rivers and forests could be lost in me"

  3. @magnata "I have not saved anyone so long that I have become fat"

  4. @aleks433 "Savior is a person who risks his life for another"

  5. @josua1 "Seawatch"

  1. @lacl -"I'm here to help you if you need to save your life"

  2. @artofwisdom '' I'm qualified for a Dream Job! ''

  3. @sughey "Sitting at work hoping not to work"

  4. @sthitaprajna "Start sailing to know the depth"

  5. @shivohum2015 "Being an observer, brings clarity"

  1. @iambrave - "Someone is waiting for me."

  2. @littymumma "Nature's gateway"

  3. @solangeh " !Lifeguard! - Oh no, this is out of service.

  4. @pardeepkumar "I love adventures and always enjoy it"

  5. @manishkalia "Life is not so easy, always be ready for challenges"

  1. @spiritualpower "I started my travel , I will also reach the destination."

  2. @josephdaniela12 "contemplate the beautiful natural view!"

  3. @luzanais "The lifeguard that saves your tranquility."

  4. @crypto-wisdom "I am absolutely alone at my innermost core."

  1. @divine-sound "RED IS FLOATING OVER GREEN."

  2. @sharminwadud S"AVE LIVE SAVE DREAM"

  3. @milaan "I am the captain of my own life."

  4. @rehan12 "Hey anybody needs Saving, I am here !"

  5. @anasuleidy "If someone needs a life preserver, let me know!" - "Si alguien necesita un salvavidas, me avisan!!"

  1. @serkagan "I want a cold beer, but I have to sit and sit"

  2. @norvicgarcia - "I am the master of my sea of ​​tranquility".

  3. @megafart "I'm here and always near"

  4. @teresah" am the captain in these calm waters. I'm not resting, I just watch."

  1. @blazing "In the middle of nowhere"

  2. @elider11 "Here is a lifesaver on a board submerged in nature, vigilant that pretends to rest"

  3. @chetnaag "Lost in the world of sailor"

  4. @androssgb "My result of photos goals"


⚠️⚠️Yesterday I changed the publication time with a new task for our contest and thought - This is a convenient time for f my regular releases. From now on, the starting post will be published from 18:00 to 20:00 in Berlin time (GMT+2).

Be happy! I'll be back very soon. See you!


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Thnx buddy

I agree with the commentary @spiritualpower. The competition is becoming more and more popular, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to win. It would be more interesting that there would be more winners. I give my voice for @megafart "I'm here and always close"

I can see that there are many suggestions, while @spiritualpower insist for lottery system, @shivohum2015 has given suggestion to run a parallel contest by cutting down the prize from this contest, but @milaan has indeed made an in depth analysis and the proposal by him is really good for this contest. At the moment I will suggest to stay with the election process.

This competition is my gift for my friends and the model of the decentralized world that we all dream about. It is important for me to maintain the decentralization of our small community.

This proves that you are a great steemian and you really love your readers and followers and today by saying this you have uplift the spirit of steem blockchain.

Now coming to the nomination for today. Undoubtedly I am going to nominate @littymumma and the title suits the scenery.

Thank you...steem on and stay blissful....

Today I will nominate for @littymumma.

Thank you and Have a great day.

As a reply to suggestion part, I would like to bring your kind attention to the following points:-

(1) Personally I believe that this contest is purely indigenous one which was started and initiated by you, and I am sure you have a big heart. Otherwise in such a bearish market none will just do charity every second day. So I would say as this was started by you and the proof of brain was also you then let this be in the original form.

(2) Since more number of contestants are participating in every day, I would suggest you to start one more contest which should be purely on VEGAN. I got to know that you are also a vegan, then why not make a way to spread veganism, most of the people even dont know the difference between vegan and vegetarian. So I will suggest you to cut the 10 SBD prize which u have kept for Jury and bring that 5 SBD to initiate a new contest which will be based on vegan. And the contest should be like commenting of a specfic vegan topic within 40 words, this will make interesting because if you tell people to write some articles then I think most of the people may not participate but commenting within 30 or 40 words will also make the discussion productive. Nonetheless passively we can spread veganism. I believe that veganism is the most natural way for living being.

(3) If you ask people, then many people will say yes, some will say no, some who have already won the prize in past will opine for different rules, all such thing will go on and I dont think a unanimous suggestion can be derived, but one thing is certain that you can get an overview of the participants on a whole, so as the demand is increasing I will say again to keep the format of this contest as it is and start a new parallel contest and cut down the prize money of jury from this contest and shift that to there.

I am more happy to see you as a vegan than anything else.

Thank you and Have a great day.


Your love for the Steemit community is indeed great and the way you are sharing your love is indeed immense.

While for the suggestion of @spiritualpower I do support it and it will be fruitful because all the participants will get a share of the love from you :) and that is what you do intent to make it fun and all the participants to be happy right. Well lets see how others react to this suggestions and the rest is up to you love.

While I choose this title


My vote is for @littymumma title .

I like the tittle of androssgb ""My result of photos goals""

Great title this of @teresah: "I am the captain in these calm waters." I do not rest, I only observe "
I think the dynamics of the contest is very good, we should continue like this, that the elections are personal and not because of the decided luck of the lottery.

I think @spiritualpower suggestion is good for all. My vote is also for @spiritualpower title .

I really like the title of @teresah.
Good luck to all the participants!

Good idea, I like the innovation and you new way to ascertain more winner, I'm sure the others will like this too (more chances to get sbd for all), so keep it up with your good work.

This time my favorite is @littymumma "Nature's gateway".


Thank you so much for liking my title.


A good title deserves to be distinguished through a nomination. :)

Dear @creadordelfuturo
My suggestion is not only for jury . My suggestion for all the contest . Choose main author winner also by lottery . Total prize would be still 20 sbd . But all prizes and winners will nominate by lottery .
But it's your contest , so my suggestion is just a suggestion . Don't mind .

Good night friends! I love your @creadordelfuturo contest, just like this, because you created it and it's your idea, your essence, so it's perfect.
I support @teresah and I trust that you will make the best decision. Regards!!

I will go with @littymumma's title

I dont support spiritualpower suggestion. It is very easy to comment and suggest after winning a contest, why he did not suggest earlier then ? Just think after winning a contest spiritualpower is giving his valuable suggestion.

I think this is the best contest in steemit and you should decide on its rules not public.

Divine-sound prevail everywhere

First of all make a rule that if someone's title is grammatically not correct even if he/she receives highest vote, it will be rejected, just imagine what is the use of such a title and reward it if it is not even correct in grammar. Although I was new to this contest at that time and voted it in hurry but i see the author's title has won and it was grammatically incorrect. As far as I am concerned I dont like the idea of @spiritualpower and rather I think the focus should be more on making the criteria for voting. viz.

  • for three consecutive contest one can not vote for the same person as it will help in making unbiased voting, reputation less than 40 can not vote as it will eliminate the chances of any mischievous act
  • Also i would prefer you to add voting weightage reputation wise and age of steemian, this will make this whole voting process interesting, for example if someone's reputation is above 60 then the voting weightage should be 3, if someone's repo is above 50, the weightage should be 2, similarly if someone's repo is above 40 it should be considered as 1 weightage, this will make the entire game interesting and this will also stragthen the community of steemit as whole as people will start paying attention to their repo also. Similarly if the account holder is above 24 moon the weightage would be more and like that.
  • Title with grammatical error should be rejected even if it wins by voting.
  • Since you have started this contest, your opinion should also matter and that is why I would suggest you to vote also, as your vote should also count and your weightage of voting should be 5 or something like that.
  • One special consolation prize should also be there for a very small amount like suppose someone's title sounds very much interesting but did not win by voting then that title should be considered for 2 SBD prize and this sort of reward should not be for every contest but ocassionally and depending upon the situation.
  • Those who are regularly following you and getting engaged in your comment section should be given more weightage.
  • Thank you so much mam.

    Vote for the captain @teresah.

    My vote goes to the title Nature's Gateway
    So its @littymumma

    I like how you run the contest, it is essentially your idea and how you imagined and planned it, if it would be good more opportunities to win as having 1st and 2nd place.
    And I choose the title of "I'm the captain in these calm waters." I do not rest, I just watch "from @Teresah.

      ·  3년 전

    As always I will be guided by the majority so my vote goes to @teresah

      ·  3년 전

    With respect to the question. I support your whole concept like this, because this contest is your gift to the community. It is your idea and it must be accepted as you do it, in terms and rules.
    You have made a dynamic, democratic and fun contest.
    It was something that came out suddenly and is already continuous, You have helped (at least to my person) to motivate me to be more aware of the platform because we all know that with this downturn in the market the dynamic has been lost a lot, but your loving work keeps me in the community, hopeful of winning, I'm from Venezuela and earn 10 SBD is good money, and although I have not won I have faith, I know I will win and I thank you @creadordelfuturo.
    "Thank you for your contest as it is"

    Greetings friend @ creadordelfuturo, I think you are the designer of the contest and is very well designed as it is, so we all strive to give a good title to win, to do it by lottery and participants will not strive to give a title of quality , simplente comment anything just to get a number and the possibility that a machine will dictate winner, is my humble opinion ... As for the title is very closed competition and it was a bit difficult to decide since both titles are very good , but I decided for the @teresah, luck!

    Good luck to all participants
    Will vote for the shortest title. @littymumma

    My vote is for @teresah ... I hope to get lucky in the judges lottery!

    herewith i am choosing nature's gateway as the best title.
    Hope you win @littymumma. Best of luck to all the jury including me.

    ¡¡Hello!! thanks to all those who supported my title, at this time I would like us to have a second place =) vote for the title @chetnaag "Lost in the world of sailor"

    I will vote for @divine-sound "RED IS FLOATING OVER GREEN". Thank you for this beautiful contest.

    I liked the name @megafart "I'm here and always close"

    A great contest and I give the vote to the @megafart "I'm here and always near". Thank you @creadordelfuturo

    My choice is for the title of @androssgb "My result of photos goals"