📣The BestTitleContest - STEP 2. Choose of the winner. 🤹‍♂️🤹‍♀️.

3년 전

Hello friends!

Steemit is still continuing its transformation, and many of us have not returned to the previous mode of using the platform. I took a three-day pause to extend the first stage of the competition and give the opportunity to participate all who would like to, but was limited in its capabilities. I want to say it's bloody uncomfortable and unpleasant for me, because I see here a model of the social inequality of society. I hope that the solutions of developers don't kill Steemit and we will still witness its heyday. I noticed that some of our friends and regular contestants are still inactive and I hope to see them here soon. But I decided to continue the competition and announce the second stage today.

I admire your support and readiness to continue our competition. Despite all the difficulties with the comments and upvote, we have 21 titles in order to choose the best one!

About the contest!

For those who joined us only I will explain that it is a contest for the Best title for the image, where the winner will be rewarded with 10 sbd. The jury of the competition is the contestants themselves. They will choose the best title and will try their luck in the stimulating lottery. The most lucky member of the jury will receive 10 sbd .

All the authors of the titles become the jury of our contest.

We have the next 24 hours to find the best title! I ask all participants to choose the best title, excluding their own. The voices of those who do not take part in the competition are not counted. However, with an equal number of votes, that is, if the competition's favorites are two or three, we can take into account the opinion of the audience. Therefore, we will be grateful to everyone for their feedback.

10 sbd rewards for members of the jury.

Each member of the jury will receive his number and he will not match his author number, because not all authors will want to become members of the jury.
To select the winner in the lottery for the jury, I will use the random number generator on the site https://www.random.org

Here is a list of all authors and of titles!

  1. @crypto-wisdom - "Ecstasy, joy & dance - All are balanced."

  2. @rehan12 - "Come on Dude, Lets see who has the most Balance Skill "

  3. @pardeepkumar - "Lets see who have best balance !"

  4. @thompson2 - "The balance that brings love, happiness and excitement"

  5. @shivohum2015 - "Rigidity & flexibility go hand in hand"

  6. @spiritualpower - "Hey look at me, my balance is better than you "

  7. @milaan - "Skill can balance anything in life."

  8. @sughey - "The balance that gives us happiness!"

  9. @chetnaag - "The froggy balance"

  10. @sthitaprajna - "I dance with an absolute balance"

  11. @anikearn - "Balance is everything, is the only way to hold on."

  12. @littymumma - "Dancing like a celebration"

  13. @elider11 - "There is no more magical hug, no smile more sincere than the one that occurs in a reunion of two friends who have the balls well placed."

  14. @solangeh "Being your friend is my balance"

  15. @njosephdaniela12 - "Balanced friendly meeting"

  16. @luzanais - "Equilibrium healer of friendship and peace"

  17. @lacl - "Unexpected meeting of friendship and fun"

  18. @iambrave - "Hey, look at my eyes, not at the ball."

  19. @divine-sound - "The crystal ball is right on the top"

  20. @groynes - "Let's balance this Earth my friend"

  21. @sapwood - "That ball is tangential to my head"


Voting will be considered completed 30.09 at 23:00 Berlin time (+2)

😍 Dear friends, Due to the new conditions, I can not answer each of you personally, but I read absolutely all the comments. Friends, I want to tell everyone who's worried about my son - he feels great! I'm still concerned that he will be flying to Thailand in a few days. But it seems that he is worried only by the doctor's prohibition on fitness classes. 😁 I love you and appreciate your support! 😍

🐞 Be happy! I'll be back very soon. See you! 🐞



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Yes, I also faced many difficulties to continue my work on steemit. Your contest helped many steemians my dear sis @creadordelfuturo!😍🤗💚💙

I really missed you a lot dear!

May the divinity bless upon you and your family❤💖💜💙💚


Thank you and Have a great day.

My vote goes to @littymumma - "Dancing like a celebration"

Will vote to @milaan

Thank you....steem on and stay blissful....

12.@littymumma - "Dancing like a celebration"

I will go with no 10
"I dance with an absolute balance"

"Balancing Life To Achieve Happiness" @creadordelfuturo

#7 @milaan - "Skill can balance anything in life."

Good Luck

The title of @milaan looks good I think, so pressing for @milaan.

My vote is going to @milaan

I support the title # 14 of the friend @solangeh

title no. 7 @milaan

I'm gonna go with 18... because it is similar to something I might have suggested. "Hey, my eyes are down here!"

Oh no friend, I could not participate, I will be in the next contest.