Freelance life with itsNicoleTV #02: Why I need a Studio Space (VLOG)

3년 전

Here is my first video to introduce a new series: Freelance life with itsNicoleTV.

In my previous post, I wrote about wanting a studio space, without really explaining how my current working situation looks like. This video basically shows it all - watch it with a tongue in cheek though.
It's not that bad, I work 70% of my time in offices across London or the world :)

If you are a freelancer, how/where do you work?

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Freelance life with itsNicoleTV
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this is your effort to work like this .great effort and very appreciated i am glad to watch this one @itsnicoletv

Why did you leave Steemit?

I am working on freelancing and get project from freelancing and also article but i donot understand what is Freelance life with itsNicoleTV ?? Is this website and tv show?


Hi! It's my new blog series on Steemit. I'll be sharing my thoughts, experiences, and advice as a freelancer. Follow for updates 🙂