Betta splendens. Drawing with markers. Draw with me!!

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Hello, Steemit!

If you do not know me yet - my name is Irina and I'm an artist from Russia. I will be glad to find new friends).

Today I will show my small quick drawing of the fish (Betta splendens) with alcohol markers.
For the drawing, I used alcohol markers Sketchmarker, Potentate, Touch and white permanent pencil.
Used colors: orange, yellow, umbra, pink, red, mint, burgundy.

I drew with pencil the countours of the fish.

Started with the lightest tones. Painted with yellow and mint marker the most outstanding and light coloured places of the picture.

Used a pink color in the drawing. I repeated the marker lines, made earlier with yellow and mint colors. This is necessary for the gradual increase in depth and volume.

Then I used the dark tones in the drawing. For this used red and burgundy colors. Movement of markers repeated lines of the previous colors. I drew scales and eyes. And drew with liner the contours of the fish.

I darken the shadows, using the umbra. The picture gradually acquires volume.

Made the picture more contrast with a burgundy color.

I painted the background in black color, carefully outlining the contours of the fish.

I used a white permanent pencil for glare on the scales and fins.

The drawing is ready.

Gif of the process.

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I apologize for my mistakes in the text. Unfortunately, my English is not perfect.

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Very cool! You certainly have some talent. I am now following you. I look forward to more of your stunning drawings.


Thank you very much))glad to meet you)

Hello @kleonella, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!


Thank you very much!)

Awesome post, I included you in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!


thank you!)I'm very pleased)

Hi @kleonella I love betta fish these are on of my favorite tropical fish. Your drawing are really spectacular. I hope to see more in the future. What is your next project?


hello @bluefoxy! I'm very pleased that you liked my drawings)I try to drew with different materials and in different techniques, in the near future I plan to draw a landscape with dry pastel)


Very much so :) I will be looking forward to your pastel art!

What a beautiful drawing, with very bright colors and excellent use of light and dark colors. I like the black background because it enhances more the quality of your work. You have great ability. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to translate it, greetings.


thank you!)

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Great hand!!
Looks like a healthy splendens to me eheh


thank you!)

I love to see work in progress shots like this. I have no words for how incredibly talented you are. Just.. WOW.


thank you!)