Rejected Lover

8개월 전


Some are gulping

Their words,

In any case, you articulate yours so incredible

Despite the fact that they make me extremely upset,

I wish you could state Some are swallowing
Their words,
But you pronounce yours so great
Though they break my heart,
I wish you could say something nice,
Something sweet
Though you're honest
And i love honest people,
Maybe that's why i love you
Yet i don't love what you're being honest about,
In this case
I just wish you would lie,
If you're don't want to lie that much
At least say like
Instead of love,
I know it's wrong
But for some weird reason
I really don't care
I'm already yours
Some how my heart chose you
Well, yours didn't....
I like seeing you smile
Though i hate seeing you smiling
With people who are not me,
I'm that freaky jealous i know,
You're so very special
I wish you saw me that way
I am a weirdo
I don't care if you reject my love,
Because i love you still! decent,

Something sweet

Despite the fact that you're straightforward

Furthermore, I adore legit individuals,

Perhaps that is the reason I cherish you

However I don't love what you're speaking the truth about,

For this situation

I simply wish you would lie,

In case you're would prefer not to lie that much

At any rate say like

Rather than affection,

I know it's off-base

In any case, oddly enough

I truly couldn't care less

I'm now yours

Some how my heart picked you

All things considered, yours didn't....

I like seeing you grin

Despite the fact that I loathe seeing you grinning

With individuals who are not me,

I'm that freaky envious I know,

You're so exceptional

I wish you saw me that way

I am a weirdo

I couldn't care less in the event that you dismiss my affection,

Since I adore you still!

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