For parents, How to make your child intelligent?

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1-Talking with the child: to start talking with the child when he is in the uterus it is as a stimulant to create a link between the child and his mother and it helps in the development of the brain.
2- Reading books for child: the fetus can hear in the uterus and he will know the sound of the mother specifically because reading for the fetus Stimulates the sense of hearing for him and it will increase of the ability of language development in his brain.
3-Getting rid of the psychological tension for the mother: stress leads to produce hormones which have a bad effect on mental and physical growth for the child.
4- Take care of the nutritious meals.
5- Eat fresh fruits, vegetables and sea food. Not to eat prepared and canned foods.
6- Not to smoke: The pregnant should not smoke or sit with smokers.
7- Playing: parents should let the child talk to himself and they should encourage him to do this because he is in the highest stage of the growth of his intelligence and in the climax of imagination.
8- Practicing sports: it is a very important thing for the child and it can be through a song which the child loves it.
9- Amiga 3 ampoules: a half ampoule on the scalp and massage it well.

References: Diseases of This Era and Prevention from it- Dr: Wahid Abd El-Al.

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