Project model railway #48 - Scrap Yard


I always wanted to build a scrap yard. Today it finally happened and this post shows you how...

As with all of my dioramas I started with a base of specified shape to make it fit on my model railway setup. A brown base color avoids bright spots.

After it dried up I added some basic foliage and a fence. Made it look a bit rusty and shabby. After all it's scrap yard.

One major thing a scrap yard needs is... scrap. Obviously.
So I bought the cheapest model cars I could get and let them have some "accidents". A matt brownish airbrush did the aging process.



Luckily I got some tiny pre-made scrap parts so I didn't need to build tiny barrels and tires on my own.

Put everything together and add some tough guys to manage everything.
And a dog of course...



well placed in it's spot on the table


Have you found the little girl in pink? ;)

Was actually a really nice little project. Took me about 6h to finish. Drying took up quite some time though.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below and don't forget to leave a follow so you don't miss any new works.

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Cool. thanks for the Behind the scenes

the girl is behind the vw beetle next to the tires. lovely detail.

  ·  작년

Yeah, correct! :)
gives you cookie

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The scrapped cars turned out great! Love this. The fence looks great - is that something you buy in sections or did you make the fence components yourself as well? Great addition to your model town. Cheers

@tipu curate

  ·  작년

The fence itself is made of fly screen. The fence posts are from a wooden laser cut set I bought.

And thank you for the tipu curate :)

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