ADSactly Community Photography Competition

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Introducing the ADSACTLY Community Photography Competition


The ADSACTLY team would like introduce a new weekly photography competition that we will be hosting in an effort to bring engagement and reward the talents of the members of the ADSACTLY and Steem Community.

The competition will have weekly themes that members of the community can participate in by just dropping a photo that is their own work in the comment section of each weekly post, or they may choose to also create a separate post as well as dropping their picture and post link in the comment section of the weekly post.



What makes a good portrait? A good portrait should tell the viewer something about the person in the photograph. Whether it is what the subject is interested in, how they are feeling, or make you feel how they are feeling. A good portrait is more than just capturing an image of someone at a random time. A good portrait requires some thought and planning and uses the whole environment to help tell the subject's story.


Photo taken by @derangedvisions

So grab your cameras and let's see what you can come up with for this theme! Have fun and get some great pictures!

How does the ADSACTLY Community Photography Competition work?


The competition is broken up into two different tiers, Professional or Amateur. That way there is a greater chance for a more equal distribution of rewards. All entries must be YOUR OWN WORK. If you are found plagiarizing, you will be blacklisted from the competition, reported to @steemcleaners and your entry will be downvoted.

How to enter:

  • Drop your image in the comment section, if you made a post, include the link as well
  • State what tier you are competing in (Pro or Amateur)
  • Be sure to include the tier each week, if you fail to include the tier, your entry may be disqualified as it is your responsibility to let us know what tier you are entering

The top 3 entries of each tier will receive upvotes from the @adsactly account and from @derangedvisions and will also be featured in the following week's new theme announcement.

We are looking forward to your amazing entries and we hope that you are excited about this new competition.

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Thank You

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Pro Tier

"Maniq Tribe Leader"

"This is a portrait of a member from the Maniq Tribe in Thailand. He was looking in the sky to watch the brids to shoot one with his bamboo stick in the best case. - I was extremely lucky that I've had the chance to meet some of the members (Total population 300) which was pretty hard to organize but absolutely worth the experience."

Thanks for hosting this contest!


Interesting image!


Thanks! :)) The story behind the image is probably the big part of it :))


Hi @adsactly & @derangedvision - Thanks for the support! - I'm just curious if the winner was already announced? Did I miss that? :D

Professional Category

Doris Mayday, photographed during a look book shoot for Pinup Girl Clothing.

How many times can we enter, @adsactly and @derangedvisions? If more than one, can we just add them to the same comment?


well done for coming third in the professional category!


Just one entry per week. Great shot.


A very erotic image!


I present my entry of an amateur portrait I made of my granddaughter dressed as an old lady.
I take this opportunity to congratulate @adsactly for this proposal that allows the participation of all.


well done for coming second in the amateur tier in the @derangedvisions and ADSactly photo contest!


Thanks @adsactly, it's a very nice and motivating contest. We will continue to see each other

I leave you here my participation in the contest of photography with the theme portrait. I copy below the link of the photo and then the one of the post that I made about the contest. Thank you in advance for your kindness. Greetings.


I loved the image, José, but I was fascinated by the post. Beautiful!


well down for coming third in the amateur tier in the ADSactly and @derangedvisions photo contest!


Thank you for your consideration of my modest work.

Pro tier

The Breath of Freedom


Indoors natural light art portrait. Amazing all natural red hair model with amazing freckles.. Quite unusual, but very interesting repetitive framing.



Striking model, evocative image 👏


Excellent image

Amateur tier (i don't live from photography but doing photography every day, so I always in doubt to describe myself as Amateur or Professional).

I am looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for this.

So excited to see what everyone will do!

A great initiative, which opens up other possibilities on the @ADSactly blog. I don't know if I understood well: is the portrait, understood as a photo of a person, the subject of this week?
I would like to participate, because photography is one of my hobbies (I would already indicate that I am amateur), but, every time it becomes more difficult to go out with a camera to the street (which is where we can find the best motives) in Venezuela, because you are exposed to theft and violence. I will see what I can do. Thank you for the proposal. Greetings.


Yes it is a photo of a person and you have a week to enter before I judge and publish the winners and announce the new theme.

What a thrill! I think it's great. @adsactly always looking for ways to support and publicize excellence. This will be a good opportunity to demonstrate talent as a photographer. Many successes!!!

Young musicians. - Amateur Tier.

steemit fotos de aves y varios 053.jpg

Thanks to @adsactly and @derangedvisions for creating this space taking into account those who love photography but we are not professionals. These young musicians were heading to the town square to join the band for a presentation. I hope it reflects on the feeling of these music lovers.

First time I am checking your posting sir well done sir I request to you one time chaking my blog and some advice to me

Here’s my entry for the amateur division. Hope you like it @derangedvisions & @adsactly

Here is the link to my post :
Portrait of an Iguana in Florida





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Niiiice! Does it have to be a new picture or can an old one be used?


It can either be a new or an old one. It just has to be a photo that you took.


Got it, cheers!

Amateur tier

In love this girl like my own daughter.
She loves me too as I do since I take good care of her long time ago.

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