Weightlifting eyelids.



Diggin deep down discovering dreams. It's what the pursuit of happiness encompasses, before reaching the steady path that leads to uncharted fruition. A perspective altering epiphany slowly envelopes the consciousness clouding all voices of sound judgement and thought. Now all that remains brtween sanity and the unstable unleashed madness is a flick of a mental switch balancing on a bleak life line made of restless static in blood shot sleep deprived eyes.

Blood shot sleep deprived eyes. It's like a physical feeling. Physical presence of what should be a non somatic facilitator of an emotional state. It creeps up very with steadiness and calmly, but very obviously and resisting becomes obsolete. As every single muscle flattens and each neuron reverts to laziness, the eerie episode of mental nonexistence takes it's place leaving just a shell of a soulless body.

The grind never stops, right? So pushing through the wall of nothingness created by piling and stacking all the hiccups revolving life becomes inevitable. Every single system satrts failing. Crashing under the immense pressure and hopelessness that comes along with a lingering feeling of doom. A result of waiting for the unknown and a cycle of actions where the results aren't in control.

In that dying moment only one thing preserves. In the moment where the hunt for truth in the statement "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" becomes a way of life. In that moment even the strongest bodybuilders concede to the strength of eyelids. Eyelids that battle to stay open, carrying the heaviest weight of all - exhaustion.

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