8 Creative Ways to Attract More People to the CREATIVECOIN Tribe

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Hello brothers and sisters of the tribe!

In this post, I would like to present you X creative ways to attract more people to the creativecoin tribe.

As we are not all big on marketing, which is perfectly fine, we should still do all we can to help this tribe grow much much bigger.

And therefore the tribe needs YOU! 

I wrote this post for creators who are struggling to get more people from OUTSIDE and INSIDE the Steemit community to the creativecoin tribe.

1. Other social platforms.

Ok, I admit, this one is not the most creative way to attract more people to the creativecoin community, but its a highly effective one. 

You probably already use other social media, so if you have not done it by now, start sharing your creativecoin link with your friends and followers on those accounts. 

Don't be embarrassed to tell them you use a blockchain-based platform to share your content. But be proud that you use advanced technology and get rewarded in cryptocurrency. Why not, it's so amazing! Tell them what you do and tell them why they should use this platform too! Ask yourself why you are here, and tell this answer to everybody you know.

If you have a big following on social media, consider switching to creativecoin to post your best content! Tell your audience that they need to make an account on steemit and CC! Convince them to even acquire some tokens and support your work in that way. 

2.Create value

If you asked yourself why you are here, and the answer was: For the money. Well, you probably not gonna make use of this strategy. 

I see so many good creators here in the tribe, and other let's say, less gifted artists. But don't we all like to see good quality content? 

Create value on the blockchain, please. If you want to get big on a social platform, you need to give your audience good quality content that they want to see over and over again. 

If you are a photographer, don't just post 1 photo with no added text or whatsoever.  But create value by telling your viewers everything you used to make that image look like it does. Tell them the equipment, the settings, filters, editors. Why you came up with this photo and give tips on positioning or other things that might add value to your followers. 

Be unique and inspiring, in a way that makes you comfy. 

3. Spread the word.

This works also for every niche in the creative segment, but let us take the example of a music creator.

As a music creator, you hang out on forums, blogs, websites and social media that relate to your industry. So you know where to find like-minded people. On these websites, you can reply or comment. If you have enough authority you can link them to this tribe and again tell them why they should join. Or start by adding your CC profile in your signature. As someone once said: Now go and multiply yourself.

4.Contact influencers.

On ANY social media platform, you have influencers that run the entire business. I am not saying you will need to bring Mister Beast or Pewdiepie to the tribe (yet), but you might know some people who have a lot of followers or subscribers on their channel. Direct message these people and tell them the benefits of using a blockchain-based platform to spread their content on here too. And make some money on the way.

5.Use Steemit

I see there are a LOT of people on the steemit platform that are not in the tribe yet. If you spot creators on the steemit, reply on their post and invite them to the tribe. Also, curators are more then welcome of course! 

If you are posting on Steemit, always promote the tribe in your signature and link in your bio.

6.Buy CCC

I can recommend that you buy CCC if you haven't done already of course. And if you did, why not a little more maybe? At the time of writing, price of STEEM is 'low' (what's low?). And with the knowledge that you buy when the price is low, you should buy. Does that make sense? :) Invest in the tribe with staking and by rewarding valuable creators on the platform.  If other creators that are not part of the community see that they get a decent reward for their work. They will be more tempted to switch to creativecoin.

7. Stake your CCC

I know selling is tempting. And by any means, if you need the money so badly right now and otherwise can not feed yourself, please sell.

If you don't need it right NOW, I recommend you stake your coin and again curate valuable content. This will have a positive impact on the CCC price. If you have more buyers then sellers price will automatically rise, it is that simple. Again, higher prices, higher rewards, more people interested.

8. Upvote - Resteem and give your thoughts

Now, please, let us together spread the word of this tribe. You can already help by smashing :) the upvote button. Reblog, reshare, resteem or re-the-whatever this blogpost to all your networks so many people can read it and make use of this. And please give me your thoughts on how you think we could grow this tribe. It makes me very curious to find out what else we can do!

At last: A big shoutout to @swelker101 en @isaria to make @creativecoin happen!

Images 1 - 2 - 3: Pexels.com 4: @derangedvisions


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