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rad - great to see the CCC team continuing to work hard and coming up with awesome ideas :)


Thanks man. If you have any ideas, feel free to run them by us. We are open to community suggestions.

Not sure on the calculation, but im wondering what the daily return would be on a staked 50k for example. Is that something @eonwarped would know?


I wouldn’t have a clue. That would be a hard one to estimate with the ever changing amount of people’s staked amounts. I am not a coder, but I am sure something can be written for it.

Great news and a big thank you to @eonwarped, our hero:)

So is there a different wallet we'd need?


No, you don't need anything new. As long as you have staked CCC, it is automatic.

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These are pretty good news and I am staking as much as I can from this. CCC team gives me all the motives that this will be something great, so investing as this time is like catching the train in time.

Awesome, thanks for the update Wes.


This is really in those moments that I feel underbrained...LOL... @derangedvisions what does it mean practically speaking ? i'm already staking all CCC, what does it mean for me and what can I do now ? Thanks for your patience 😉 😃


Basically it means that your staked CCC will give you extra rewards because you have it staked, and the more stake you have, the more reward you will get.


ok,Thank you, I had basically understood the concept then 😉 so maybe I wonder in what form the reward will manifest..more CCC ? upvotes ? sweet candies ? rain of rose petals ? ^_^

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Thank you. It is much appreciated.