I have to admit i'm kinda losing the will to effort here at ten cents a pop , but

2개월 전

i used to think this thing would be BIG

but it looks more like one

BIG STEEMing pile of ... atm ... i probably should be smiley and always positive on how i see my money go down the drain on fake promises and awful marketeering ... i never heard of anything where people investing have to do the selling either

well i did but that's usually called pyramid schemes so ... let's not call it that

yet .. but i doubt i'll be spending more if it goes under ten cents , actually i doubt i'll be spending more until i see it keep at least one promise

hang the flag half then

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If you're not doing this for fun it is going to be depressing XD

Yay for managing to get it first go, I wasn't smart enough when I first played around with those things. Looks all right :)