My Figure Study of A Ballet Dancer. Real Image VS Pencil Sketch.

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What's up everyone?

I hope you all are well and sound by the grace of Almighty.

I'm finally back my special artwork. I just completed it one hour ago. This art took me almost 16 days. As I'm still new in this , I guess it took me more than usual. I had to use so much time in a single step. I did it by separating it into part by part.

Original Picture


My Art.


Source Of The Real Image.

image source

About My Work:

Well mow let's talk about my artwork. I got to admit that this one was really a hard one. This work took me more than 20 hours pure hardwork to complete. As you see this artwork is actually a figure study. This is not like any ordinary artwork which you can art just as you want. To build a body figure you have to follow so many rules. And in this case I had to also had to focus geometry. This figure study is of a Ballet dancer. When a ballet dancer dances they have to do their moves according a structure. They have to follow so many things to make their moves perfect. They also have to manage their body shape by following geometry and some rules of physics so that they can avoid the gravity and make their body safe from falling. Also, when you'll build a figure of study you will need to art this by keeping all these things in your mind. I had to draw a lot of angels to draw this one. It was making me feel like I'm not doing some artwork, I'm just doing my math homework in school days.

Tools I used.

Let's finish with math (I don't like that thing) and come back to the sketch. Well to art the first step I used Steadtler's 2B Pencil. Actually all the pencil I used are Ssteadtler's. When I made it in a shape than I used 4B, 6B & 8B pencil to make the sketch perfect. I used Electrical Eraser, Blending Stump, Normal Eraser, Graphite Stick (for the background). After drawing the background I softly erased it with tissue paper to make it 100%.

My Art Steps:

First Step-

This part was the most hard part for me to complete. I had to use most of my time and lots of paper to complete this part. It took 70% of the total time to done with it.


Second Step:

This part was hard too but it didn't took as much time as the first one. It was hard to decide how much lighter/deeper/darker will be the parts of the body. I had to decide which part will be how dark or light.


Step Three:

In this step I made it complete. But, it's not like as you are watching it as. I told before I used BLENDING STUMPS to blend the pencil color. And because of it whenever I capture a picture it reflects light. Also I had to turn my flash light light on or my table lamp to get the perfect image

IMG_20200616_001749 (1).jpg

Step Four:

Well, I used Lightroom CC to bring the real color back. It's not the actual color but it's almost 80%.


Ssahh... I finally did it. It's been like a challenging mission to me. Now I guess I can have a nap of peace.
If you have any suggestions for me, please tell me in the comment section. I'd do anything to improve my skill. No matter how much hard I had to try.

However, thank you for giving your vauleable time in my post. I hope you liked it.

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