Hand Painting Study


I spent my whole week thinking about stuff and ideas so my brain is dead-tired already. So I just did a painting study (which I should do more often) using acrylic paint. It's my hand yo.

image0 2.jpg

image0 1.jpg


image0 8.jpg

I wanted to fix my color palette. I don't want it too warm and too dark lol but it will be a hard path cos I have been used with dark ones.

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Hands are terrible to draw! Good work.


Indeed they are! I remember I struggled a lot with hands lol but even with years of practice I still can't master it. Thanks! :D


I think when you do perfect it, you can call yourself a hand puppet master.

So what were you thinking so hard about? :)


Upcoming exhibits!


Do your best and leave the rest be ;)


I will, thank you!

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