Darwin project for T-shirt

6개월 전

Hi, dear Steemians!

I would like to share with you some stages of a nice t-shirt design project I made for a great customer.

The drawings are Darwin's originals. I have taken them to redraw them with a palette of watercolour colours, so I arranged a collage for each part of the t-shirt, back, front, sleeves and the neck.


DarwinProject_Right sleeve__00.jpg

DarwinProject_Left sleeve__00.jpg



Final result! The printed T-shirt
Pasted File at September 24, 2019 2_45 PM.png

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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I think this artwork is cool! Also, I love that the illustrations seem to be done in watercolor (I'm a fan of that technique). If I found a T-shirt like this I would buy it immediately. Thanks for sharing the process. Cheers @jorgevandeperre


Hi Marcy, thanks to you for your nice comment. I saw your posts, very interesting! Best regards