I spotted this from across the road.

2개월 전

Seriously, it was all the way across a four-lane road...

No, I didn't see this exact drop of water, but what I did see was a three-foot-high retaining wall and behind that someone's lawn with the sun glistening off the wet grass. That was enough for me. Off I went, all excited about taking a macro shot because the wall meant I wouldn't have to stoop down to the ground to get the shot!

Olympus E-M1.2, 1/1600s f/2.8 ISO200 60mm

This is my entry for the Macro Monday photo contest by @derangedcontests for the pro tier.

Photo by me, @keithboone. Please click for a closer view, and thanks a lot for visiting.

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Spectacular! I love the upside down image inside the drop. Definitely worth crossing the road for. !tip


Thanks so much! I thought maybe I would see myself in that upside-down image, but I don't...

Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 6 of my contest just started...check it out!
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Thanks a lot, you resteeming guy! :-)

Well worth crossing the road for this fantastic shot


Glad you like it, thank you :-)

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Thank you so much, @bdvoter.cur

Wonderful macro, and you caught a rainbow in the shot, too! 😊


Thank you! Yes, a very tiny rainbow... the only kind you can fit into a macro shot! :-)

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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That's awesome! Thanks for the support @innerblocks and @thekittygirl :-)

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Thank you :-)

Love this... I tried doing something similar, I didn't pull it off as well as you!


Thanks so much! Did you post yours?


No, I didn't post mine. I wasn't as successful as you!
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