We missed most the ICO scam train so now STEEMIANS are doing their own.

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Steem-engine has a lot of power for good, and great projects have been made. Also on the flip side people are free to make all the crazy / silly / scammy tokens they want.
BUT... the rest of us should be challenging them on it because they're coming into our space and making us look the fool.

I see sooo many crazy projects and then i see these Proof of Brain "scot bot" projects that I would hope are a bit better... but they're still plagued by disproportionate distributions and whale epedimics and printing the creators mass money for coming up with a dime a dozen idea that just so happens to be easy to impliment.
everyone was complaining about with steem not long ago... but i guess since it's the little folk making the big money now it's now fine to have a screwy disproportionate system.

I think MOST of the scot systems have lots of issues and I am not taking away from their ability to make them... but i'm not gonna sit around and let people not understand what's going on.


I feel bad for singling them out because so many others are just as bad or probably worse. But it's the one i already wrote about. So here's my reaction to their white paper.


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Dear @nuancedthought

I've read that comment today and that's why I actually decided to follow you. Those are some very important points and it doesn't encourage to see that noone bothered to reply to you.

i do not have any trust to projects which do not care about communicating with their audience.