From the pages of a tattered journal...

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No-one expected the old, forlorn cottage would hold such a wealth of research information. Hidden in a secret cache, beneath the cellar, there were a number of slides with stills from the doctor's research and experiments. Such a pity that the late Dr @nyarlathotep, lost his mind at his final days, just before revealing the final secret to the rest of us.

His tattered journals, also hidden in the cache and full of mad scribbles and uncomprehensible pictographs, are a testament to the deteriorating mental health of the once brilliant individual. What was the original revelation that gnawed at his sanity, and slowly drove him to madness, we might never know.

Here are some pictures, probably drawn by Dr @nyarlathotep himself, as they appear in the journal, whatever could be salvaged, as most of the contents where in half-burned and stained pages.

It is interesting to note the similarities of these drawings to the actual slides of insectoid creatures presented in this forum in the past, served to the reader with convenient links beneath each entry:

Rorschach Study #3, The Fly

Rorschach Study #2, A Scarab (with notes)
This link above also contains the original text from Dr @nyarlathotep's manuscript notes.

The following image has no pair in the slides found. There is also no mention of it in the notes, everything related in the manuscript must have been destroyed with the rest of the notes in the fire. Can it be a map, an allegory showing the path a researcher should take to find the final secret hunted by Dr @nyarlathotep? Or might it be an actual creature, as the rest of the picture-and-slide pairs, something created by his experiments before everything fell apart?

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oh snap I didn't realize the good doctor had passed on! Good thing the journals were discovered and shared here. The last one might indeed be a portal to a far realm, perhaps the doctor has merely left the mortal body behind and continued his hunt in another reality not so pale and shabby as our own?


The notes are too vague, almost gibberish -- but if they were to be taken literally, the last picture might be in fact both a creature and a map... a creature created by eldritch alchemy processes that can show the way to other realities. I cannot help but wonder, though, how does the creature reveal the way and at what cost?

I saw this and realised I'd not seen any of your posts in AGES. Glad, now, because I got to read all four posts for the first time today.

The good doctor obviously bit off more than his mandibles could handle, and I look forward to seeing more of these slides...

I'm not sure if I fully understand what I just read and currently looking at, but damn, I like the artworks and the narration. This is great!


Thank you, this is just one part of a larger plot, detailing the trials of Dr @nyarlathotep. Parts of the narrative are lost in the steem-blog of the steemian with the same nickname, hidden between chunks of niche-art-posts.


OOOOOOOH I think I get it now, about your blog, your work, your post... XD
It's certainly interesting and for that, you just got a new follower

So long since you posted so I have gone back in time to give you one more of the deranged coins. I think you are one the best to comment among the slave race subspecies of Steemit and you should be able to give away some deranged coins. No one knows the black magic artists here on Steemit as you do...


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