The Beholder

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The Beholder... one of the most iconic monsters found in AD&D lore. I was fascinated by its appearance, its powers, its entry in the Monster Manual. We were playing AD&D for several years, and I think we met a beholder ONCE in our sessions, it massacred half the group and the rest fleed; our DM was strict and harsh, never allowing us an easy victory against such a tremendous foe.

This picture is a fractal made in JWildFire, resembling a Beholder sketched in b&w by the hand of an android...


The Beholder

by @nyarlathotep
A fractal made in JWildFire

And some details:




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you've got a nice nickname, hehe! blessings.


You know, it's more than just a nickname... ;)


yes, I know its more than some random lettering stitched together ;)

Great old thing. I want you to have one of the Deranged coins. When you have five you can start distributing too. One a day per five coins you hold.



I can see that you already have one. In my latest post I wrote an introduction to those custom coins!

That strict and harsh DM,lol. The beholder was super powerful and i am sure my character died in that session...


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