Bird Box Is Out Of The Box!

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Many of you must have heard about this amazing movie featured on Netflix!
It indeed is interesting, Many didn't appreciated but at the end the fact exists that most of us differ in our tastes. which can't be denied. Although I am dead scared from horror films and avaoid to watch it in order to have peaceful sleep! You know what I mean!LOL!

But for real this wasn't that scary but for sure full of heart dropping and jaw dropping experience.
The plot basically revolved around a not so happy and always pissed off pregnant lady.Initially I hated her, but later I realized the power and kindness of her character(In the film offcourse, I do not know her personally!) It's all about a dusty ghost or a curse who have neither a form nor any shape, but is all around in air but not inside of houses unless outside's light passes inside.
That's why in order to get safe from that curse and die , the people needs to tie a cloth on their eyes before getting in contact with outside light.
The story is very interesting and cunningly written as well as directed.
I won't tell the enrtire story here as I don't want to ruin the entire experience of the film.
So, watch it and share your experience if already watched!

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