The Essence of New!

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Something new is always exciting. Isn't it? weather it is new job, new place, new clothes or anything new.It always brings excitement. Although exceptions are always found but mostly it brings joy.
The essence of something new is rejuvenating like when you receive your first salary or first joining letter or buy your very own new vehicle. It is an amazing feeling.

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One of such feeling in terms of crypto was when I invested some bucks and received some good amount of profit for the very first time.
But the dilemma is that when that new things occur continuously , it eventually becomes less exciting and boring, I think that's whats the importance of time means. Is it really just matter of time all around? Though deep.
Let me know in comment section, what was the last thing new and exciting happend to you?

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Quotation:"Something new is always exciting."

That's right usually, although the new season in Germany disturbs a lot, specially when winter comes later, during India has summer all the time.😎

Well, I think all countries have pros and drawbacks, but the weather in your country is definetelity an advantage, anyway for people like me who prefer warm temperatures.


Yes, that is true new thing always excites. and yes you are right every country has their pros and drawbacks.
Thank you for your attention.



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