It's Time To Make A New Tribe For Creatives: Announcing Creative Coin!


Because @isaria and I have not been busy enough already, we have decided to launch the tribe before our move. Mainly because we are masochists at heart.

As many of you know, we have been doing our best to support the artistic community of Steem for about 2 years. We have donated Steem to openmic, run our Creative based curation radio show at @msp-waves, and upvoted the best we can.
@isaria has also been running 2 Creative Contests each week as well as doing her weekly music curation.

@isaria and I have heard you say that music and arts needs a tribe. We couldn't agree more. We are building out a team of curators and mods that will be searching for the best artistic posts they can find and add more value to what you already do! With the release of Scotbot, we're ready to take this to the next level.

We have created Creative Coin. This is to bring the artistic community together and reward them with tokens for their work.

We understand that creativity is hard work, and we also understand that curation needs a boost. We will be going with a 60/40 split for author rewards. This gives just a bit more for your creative efforts, but still rewards people for curation.

We will be doing our claimdrop this weekend!

The claimdrop will be super targeted. With help from @inertia, we have already run the inquiry of users that have used certain "creative" tags over the past 3 months and we will be running that list against different community black-lists to come up with our list of elligible accounts.

We will be launching a nitrous instance after the claimdrop is completed. Until then we have decided to use the tag creativecoin to distribute rewards.

We also understand that there are many people that will mis-use tags trying to sneak an unrealted post through. We have created the account @notcreative to downvote these accounts. This account has very little Steem on it, so it will not affect any payouts except for Creative Coin.

There's a new tribe coming. Lay your stake, post your creations, and grow even more.

We're excited about this and we wanted to get the word out there so people can start getting as excited as we are!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Resteemed! Love love LOVE this idea and would be stoked to a part of curating CreativeCoin! I know a ton of worthwhile creatives to patronize and think something like this could really help drive adoption of Steem-Engine, PALnet and the entire token scene on here into the @DSound and @DTube communities.



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Very cool. There are a lot of amazing undervalued artists and musicians on Steem.

art/storytelling/poetry/music to my ears @swelker

I've watched with sadness as interesting creative content has consistently been undervalued more and more over the last year on steem. Also, that type of content is becoming rarer and rarer.

The fact is that if everyone wrote nothing but HF21 posts then we would have zero market appeal outside of steem. If the only posts that get any meaningful rewards on here are those about 'steem blockchain politics', or 'future of steem' posts, or 'my vision of steem' posts then steem is doomed to fail. My reasoning behind that statement is that we need to incentivise high quality creative works that will appeal to the masses just as much we do high quality journalistic writing.

At the moment - however well written - what is being incentivised is an echo chamber of information that has little to no interest to anyone other than an elite few hundred who are heavily involved in steem and steem governance.

I really hope creative coin helps bring back some of the high quality creatives that have left, and helps retain those who are already here.

I had a similar idea for a project with communities & SMT last year but I couldn't push it forward for various reasons.

We understand that creativity is hard work, and we also understand that curation needs a boost.

Awesome, you've got my support 100% 👍

And you're right. Even a poetry post takes me the best part of 3-4 hours to produce as there are many edits and I often produce a video reading on DTube. Longer creative works, like short stories, can often be the work of many days and between 8-12 hours.

You mention art, but I hope creative writing is also included in the creative coin field of acceptable work?

P.s. I'm gonna tag some long standing, high quality creative writing projects in this comment who should definitely know about creative coin 🙂


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Yeah, good to get some variety 😍

That is exciting! Good luck with your launch!

I feel We are all artists at heart 💙❤💚
Congratulations on gearing up this new tribe! Wishing you an abundance of energy, clarity of mind, and potentcy in all the possibility! #steemlifecreatives 🤗🔥🍻

Hi, nice idea 😀 I wonder what type of posts you will be considering. Is it only English? And will DIY posts be recognized as well?


are you aware of The Inner Blocks? They have a frontend and a tag they curate. It's early stages. No token yet.

Nice one! I so often miss Isaria's contest posts thanks to timezone shizzles, but I'd love to be part of any creative tribe. Curious to see what genres are going to be allowed and to see the results of any claimdrop.

Interesting, I love all these new tribes appearing and even better if they fit one of my writing subjects. Good to hear this fits musicians as well as budding fiction writers (me!).

oh. is spamming fuggidindabutt comments creative now? i'm so out of the loop...


No. he's just a crazy person that has no friends or sense of reality. He desperately needs attention.

This is very exciting news. I love that communities are popping up making it easier to find quality posts.

Awesome news! Glad that this ( often unforgotten ) tribe is also taken care of. It might just be the boost I needed to up my creativity

Thank you and @isaria :>)

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This is really exciting! Thanks to you and @Isaria!

Will be looking forward to this new project 😀

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me support and approve. cookies for creatives. i'm would like photo curations for palnet. and other thingses.

So, this tribe will support the artistic community (music, photography etc), no support for any other type of creativity which does not have these two categories in it?

A definite need for a creative community, I hope it all works out and am looking forward to see what creative tags and post will be acceptable. I do find it refreshing that so far most of the new tribes are taking a note from palnet and are having an enforcement team. nothing spoils a party like a loud mouth drunk, or screeching lunatic.

Yes artists needed recognition and they had to have a tribe to support them, this is awesome thing and a very good news @swelker101

Another project and tribe... this is awesome, can't wait!

This is exciting news. I do hope you count classical-music as creative... :-)

Excellent idea! I'm sure members of our Pinky and Spiky Drawing Contest, Secrets of Organ Playing Contest and Artstorm Contest will enjoy Creative Coin and this new tribe.

@swelker101- most are leaning towards the token market, and investments. find that promotions art and creativity is very comforting,

This looks very promosing!!
Will share the info on Steemartists discord group :D

It will nice community. Wait when you started.

This is just awesome, super glad to see all these projects going around helping artists, thanks a lot!

@swelker101, This is exciting news and for sure Music and Art Content should be boosted to boost the Artistic essence and soul on this Blockchain. Keep up and my good wishes are with you. Stay blessed.

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This is great! I can't wait for you all to get it up and running.

Mainly because we are masochists at heart.

This and @notcreative 🤣.. love it

What about poetry and fiction? What about theater and movies? Circus, street art etc...

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Awesome!!! Thank you @drumoperator for letting me know about this!

I will add creativecoin to the content generator on so our community of musicians can benefit and if you are going to create a miner like palnet I'll be up for purchasing those too!

Great stuff guys. Got my support!

Supporting independent musicians and fans!

Join our Community on Discord!

(Image created by @anritco)

I wish you good fortune in the wars to come champ! I'm not exactly a creative one but this might be a huge motivator to learn about other hidden skills one may have. Regards!

Wow. Just heard about this. Super exciting.

Finally, a tribe for the the creatives. I'm just curious whether the Creative Coin also cover "photography"?

Thanks a lot @swelker101 & @isaria for your effort to the community. Please keep it up.

Ohhh yeahhhh !!! Creative Wizards finally!

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60/40 might be better then 50/50 (at least I think so) but something else I think is really needed for creatives is longer then 7 day monetization span for our works. Is this something that might be possible someday?

Awesome man. Looking forward to seeing the project unfold.

Congratulations @swelker101!
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AWESOME news, I can't wait for this!

Great idea!
Is #creativecoin a tag that mmbers of the #needleworkmonday community could use?

No tribe for writers :(


Are you trying to tell me that writing isn't creative?


The #abusereport account is flooding your comment section @swelker101 😞


No, but you mentioned music and arts and assumed you didn't mean writing( my bad)
So, creative coin will also be for writers?


Of course it will!


As if Shane would ever abandon us.

@juliakponsford alerted me to this new initiative to support Creatives. I like the sound of it and will keep my eyes peeled for updates.

I also run the @emalliance page on steemit and looking for options to how we can better spread the love of electronic music on this platform. The creative coin may be one solution 🙂

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This is so exciting ♥ ANything I can do to help, please let me know!

This is exciting! I'm looking forward to reading more about it in the future :)

Amazing news! This is amazing! It's gonna be so good to have a token for artists. It's just perfect.

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this is great to see.. congratulations


Would be really nice

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Creative coin to MOON! awesome to hear what an awesome team too!