Phones Vs Water

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I would like to start this post apologising for my absence on Steemit. November and December are two months that are very very busy and I had to work hard plus this continuous going up and (especially) down of the Crypto World... demotivated me to come here. Probably it is because seen the devaluation compared with $ was making me sad and therefore I have rather preferred to avoid getting close the pc and taking my time off blogging.

Today I would like to start blogging again and I will talk about one episode happened yesterday morning while going to do a meeting in a city on 2 hours of distance from my home.

I went to pick up some of my colleagues and we drove there and during the journey we had quite few chats about people... a colleague of us that had the birthday celebration... about the Christmas lunch that we were having at 12 noon etc.

One of my colleague had a bottle full of water that was using regularly during the journey until the moment that she left it into the handbag.

Everything seemed to be ok until the moment she went to drink again and the water inside the bottle was almost over... but clearly she couldn't manage to drink 1.5litre in 20 minutes so she was wondering what did happen.

The lid wasn't sealed properly and the whole hand bag was full of water... completely full. In that bag she had few working items... handbook... and two phones... a working phone and a personal phone.

Only the personal phone was soaked of water and it was still switched on. She kept touching the whole day trying to let it working. My suggestion was to stop using it and to keep it drying somewhere (in the office we didn't have anything) like close the radiator.

She listened me but she was going there to check if every so and then... at evening once I drover her back to her place I have told her to leave the phone into the rice to have it drying off.

She did it.. I told her... you will need to keep the phone into the rice for 12-24 hours at least.

Clearly she didn't want to listen me stating that she needed the phone and guess what? She went to remove the phone after few hours to switch it on... then left again into the rice and tried again this morning.

Clearly she didn't listen my advices and her phone (an Iphone) is now GONE... having some lines on the screen and flashing it.

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