Walking a Dog

11개월 전

IMAGE 20200112 12:42:38.jpg

This photo that doesn't give the best of it. I can confirm that on the high spec is very very cool. Has a good quality and I did love taking it while walking a friend dog longside a canal in Cheshire England.

I wanted to come back and writing a post as I haven't do it since long time but many things are taking me away from Steemit right now.

Camera: Samsung galaxy s9
Location: Cheshire
Copyright: its my photo therefore if you want to use it please let me know.

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Stunning photo


thank you :)


Welcome back. Happy New Year.


thanks a lot buddy and happy new year to you! How things in life?


You're welcome and thanks.
Been busy busy last few months but having things to be busy with still feels good


buddy look for me on telegram so we can have a chat sometimes I always find time for my friends ;)