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Dear steemians,

Week end is approaching and a lot of us are saying "thank God it is Friday"!!!

Some are already preparing to go to club and some hanging out with loved ones. There are others who do nothing of these either, yet they still feel fine to some extent.

The world now runs on resources, call it money. The more money you have, the easier you get what you want and the more friends you to tends to make.

Some people does not like those without money. They ignored, discriminated and under estimated them in all ramifications.

Often times, a lot of people thought dressing flamboyantly is what attracts attention but this may not be applicable to some folks.

What is it that make others to be attracted to you and you think that is why you should keep him/her as a friend?

You may not be right as time goes on you will realize that life is full of challenges which you may not be able to avoid. To scale through you must be though and rugged in a way.

This world freaking funny in a way, the rich, getting richer, the poor, getting poorer and so it continues for ages.

Creativity is what some people think can really make them go close to an individual so to gain some knowledge from such a person.

Let look at these pictures and imagine what some people are capable of doing:



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