Crochet holiday cami

4년 전

I made my step daughter a new vest cami for our summer holidays. Yes I’m a little early but I’ve got lots of ideas that I’d like to make before we go.

I found the free pattern on Pinterest. Which lead me to the crochet crowd tutorial video.


I found the mesh part very easy to grasp. But the bottom of the cami I found I needed to refer to the pattern for every row for some reason or another I couldn’t get the amount of chains I needed to start and finish each row.



But overall I’m extremely happy with the finished project and I’m looking for cotton yarn to make something similar for myself. Hoping to have mine done for the holiday too.

Here is the free pattern link

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What a lovely cami!


Thank you.

I'm not usually a fan of camis, but that looks amazing... like... as a cami-hater, I'd wear it! Great work.


I just saw the free pattern and thought I’d have a go only took 1 ball of wool so I wasn’t going to lose much if it went wrong

Very nicely done, and I love the purple yarn! I came so close to actually finishing my first blanket this year, but pregnancy-related Carpal Tunnel has sort-of stunted all arts and crafts projects until the kiddo gets here.

Great work! I admire your commitment :)


Aw no I hope you rest up and finish it soon congratulations on the baby news though.

very nice!
upvoted and resteemed


Thank you xx

looks beautiful :))


Thank you

Hello @danielles. Lovely work and that shiny purple yarn ! Oh and thanks for the link !


Your welcome and thank you

This is SO pretty!! 💜


Thank you

That is absolutely stunning! I can't wait to see her wearing it, first hand rather than in photos.


You’re lucky you can see her in person wearing it :)

That is beautiful! You've done a lovely job on it, and it's in one of my favourite colours. Gorgeous work! :)


Thank you I love the colour too it sparkles :)

Very pretty! I like the sparkle in the festive looking. And thanks for the pattern link.


You’re welcome for the pattern I usually get free patterns so I’ll make sure to post a link on my crafts when I have one.

That is so super cute! Great job with that. I'm sure that she loves it!!


She does and she can’t wait to wear it :)

beautiful work.. you make me want to get the crochet hook out..


Thank you I hope you do get the crochet hook out this cami didn’t take long about 5 hours :)

Hey @danielles!!! I’m so glad you to see you posting today yay!! Welcome to #NeedleworkMonday and thank you for sharing!!

This sparkle cami is so chic!! It is just so pretty and festive! Your stitch work is just so neat and it makes the finished project look store bought!!! So does your step daughter love it? I’m guessing she does! Thank you also for sharing the pattern link!!! It’s so good to have you here! 😊


I’m really happy to be invited to join in on #needleworkmonday I have loads of ideas and currently working on next weeks post. I never expected to have an item I’ve created look store bought thank you that is an amazing compliment. And yes my step daughter loves it.


Great! I am so glad to hear you are happy to be here!!!! I am looking forward to seeing your next post, yay!!! 😃

I meant it! Your work looks very professional and you should be proud!!! I knew she loved it! 😉

Really pretty and in my favourite colour too! She is one lucky lady!


Thank you I hope she wears this one lots :)

The work of art is very remarkable, success is always @danielles and my greetings to family @danielles


Thank you I’ve never seen my projects as works of art before Steemit :)

The color and sparkle of that yarn make me feel happy inside. What a wonderful job you have done on your cami! Happy #NeedleworkMonday to you!


Thank you. I fell in love with the sparkle last year just didn’t know what to make with it


You found the perfect solution!

  ·  3년 전

Lovly dress

This is really cute and I love all things shiny! Thank you for providing the link for the pattern. :)