Crochet summer plus size top.

4년 전

I haven’t finished it just yet but I’ve got distracted with my blanket as I’m cold.

I started this a few weeks ago and it’s so easy to make its 4 large squares crocheted together and then add straps.

This is taken from ravelry and is what the top is supposed to look like on where as I’m not modelling it.


I followed this pattern fairly closely except I made the squares slightly bigger to fit me


It’s an easy granny square to follow and it just repeats until you get to the size you want.


Then crochet them together in the pattern it shows


You add the straps from corner 1-2 and 3-4 I loved the fit and feel of this top but felt I needed more so I used the fans and feathers from my cami to add a little to the bottom which is the bit I’ve not finished.


Just for a note I missed last weeks #needleworkmonday as I put needlecraftmonday instead oops @crosheille


Post from last week if you’re interested

And the post for the cami for the fans and feathers part

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That looks really gorgeous and I like the extra embellishments. It must ge lovely to wear.


Thank you. Yes it’s super comfy and it’ll be used abroad as it’s no way near warm enough to wear it here.

my mum is into crochet, she makes all sorts and posts it all over the world :) It's all mind boggling to me so hats off to you that's good work


Thank you. I just play at this craft, but there are lots who love my work. I usually just make blankets as I find they’re easier and calming to make


Yes my mum has made me a few blankets for when my little boy arrives in June :) it's an art that's for sure!


Aw congratulations 😊

Thank you so much for posting a pattern! I am curious if it will fit and if you like it? So far it looks great and the border is a very nice embellishment.


It fits beautifully and will be really nice over a vest top and I love it. The border is time consuming as I’m not following a specific patient for this top, but I’ll get there eventually 😊

I've been looking for an easy pattern to try to start making tops! This is great!


That’s the same reason I looked at this pattern, and it is easy and fun hope you try it

Oh make me one pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. Pretty please lol


Might be a while yet but I’ll try xx


Yay. You're the best!!!!

Hi @danielles. I really like the pattern you have selected, and it looks like you have selected charcoal grey for the color, yes? Happy #NeedleworkMonday!


I think it’s the light it’s black cotton that I’ve used. 😊


Ah, great! I like both colors, but black goes with everything! :-)

That's a very clever design @danielles ! It looks very modern :)


Thank you 😊

This is a lovely looking top! I think I'd like it in yellow as in the photo. Very pretty and lacey.

wow! this is a gorgeous summer blouse !!!!! she is very beautiful: I really like !!!!!

This is such a cute Summer top! I like how you sew the four pieces together and make something you can wear. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Oh No! Oooops lol!! Thanks for letting us know, I’ll stop by and check out your last weeks post ;)

Thanks for posting that pattern! Im pinning your post in case I want to make something like this later (But for like a doll or something because large projects make me nervous).


I had to laugh while reading your comment - I only make large projects, because tiny things make me nervous 😅😅😅


Lol. 51FD9AB1-580C-4F7A-81DB-BADE0527F7E5.jpeg

This barbie purse is more my speed. Even simple projects like blankets can be tough for me because my stitches all come out different sizes. I’m getting better though.


Love the photo!!! It made me smile, I think this is the best dressed barbie I know :-D
I have the problem with uneven stitchen in knitting. In crochet its ok... perhaps the movements in crochet are more natural for me. But a blanket is also for me a tough project (sooooo big) With large I ment mostly sweater or cardigans :-D