Cute crochet dress

3년 전

I’ve never been one for girly things really, I’m a biker at heart and prefer to be making something if I’m not able to get out on my bike.



My close friend had a beautiful baby in may last year.


We were having a drink near Christmas when she mentioned my crochet stuff. She said she would love her baby girl to have a crocheted summer dress one day. Well I was in the creative mind and wanted to try something new which was a very girly dress.


She loves it as I’ve given it to her early as I’m impatient to find out what they think.

yesterdays adventure

dress pattern
bow pattern


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Wow, the colors are just perfectly summery and soft. You did an great job on that girly thing. Hee! #NeedleworkMonday to you, my dear!

Such a cute dress.

Happy birthday, birthday twin!


Ooo Happy Birthday I’m just off out for cake for my lunch cause that’s a thing on birthdays 😆

Nice bike! And such a cute dress for the summer, the colors are just beautiful!


Thank you 😊 waiting for the weather for both the dress and bike 🙂

Awwww this is a gorgeous crocheted baby dress!! You did such a lovely job and good choices on the colors...nice and Summery! I just bookmarked the pattern, this might be one I make for my baby girl!!! 😃💕 Great work!!

Was the pattern pretty easy to follow?


Yes it was really easy, the pattern was for a 0-3 month but I adjusted it as the baby is almost 1.


Awesome to know! Thank you so much again for the pattern idea! I’m looking forward to starting on it! 😉

What a beautiful dress! I love the colours, and that lovely bow just sets it off.


The bow started off a lot bigger so I had to scale it down or she would have been wearing just a bow

The dress is gorgeous. The baby is cute, I think it will look great on her.

You are so talented, patient and kind!


Thank you 😊 means a lot to me ☺️ Working on my next project now

That looks lovely @crosheille 😊 I will visit the links to the patterns that you also included - thank you

Look at that smile! That's a fine ride you have.... I don't have one but I do enjoy the occasional ride with a friend. And we are both fiberartists...LOL.

That is an adorable dress. I bet she looks pretty huggable in it! Thanks for sharing.


That’s awesome I’ve branched out slightly to make myself things but they’re not bike appropriate 😊 I’ll try to get a picture of her in it and post it up at some point

That is a very cute crocheted baby dress. Great colors also!

Cool! Awesome bike :) I just sold my Yamaha fzr400 :/ I’m looking forwards though!:)